Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Awesome Read

I've always been a reader of romantic fiction. I cut my Muse on coverless Harlequins provided by my 9th grade English teacher. From there I found Historical romances handed down from my older sister. Both led me to writing my own stories. As I began writing, I channeled my reading efforts to the markets I wanted to target... mostly Harlequins. Oh, I have ideas for historical single titles stashed away but for now, I'm reading category. However, over the past few months I've found myself picking up new books by old favorite authors.

While at Walmart last week I picked up the most recent release by Constance O'Banyon ( and fell in love all over again. WIND WARRIOR is this week's Awesome Read.

Thirteen -year-old Marianna Bryant is taken captive by Blackfoot warrior, Dull knife, outside her home of Fort Benton. Even at this tender age she knows she will do what it takes to remain strong and return to the Aunt and Uncle she loves. What she doesn't count on is becoming the replacement daughter of the Chief and his wife, nor was she prepared for the growing feelings toward her captor's brother.

Wind Warrior sees beauty and peace in the white girl. She gradually adapts to the ways of his tribe and becomes a loving daughter to Chief Broken Lance and his wife, Tall Woman. She may be born of the white man but her heart is Blackfoot. It takes all his strength to bide his time for Rain Song, as is her given Blackfoot name, to come of age. He knows his brother waits too. Will she have to choose between the two? Wind Warrior knows in his heart who she will choose when the time comes.

Wind Warrior is nothing like his older brother, Dull Knife, whom he had always looked up to. It was during a council meeting when Dull Knife was passed over for the honor of having the life-long name bestowed on Wind Warrior that a hatred grew from Dull Knife towards his younger brother. He would have everything Wind Warrior had... including the white woman he protected at every turn.

I read this book in 4 hours! I wait anxiously for the sequel.. Wolf Runner's story.. in August. You won't NEED to read Wind Warrior to enjoy Wolf Runner... but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do. Why would you want to miss out on this months' AWESOME READ?

Keep an eye here for Constance O'Banyon to guest blog with the release of Wolf Runner.

Happy Reading

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Michelle Preston

Amy’s first impression of Michelle Preston? The woman was beautiful. Use to working with perfect bodies in her career, she was amazed at how someone who didn’t have to be picture perfect was a prime example.

Michelle’s title as Personal Trainer to the Stars meant she made them all look good. Some of her biggest name clients owe their success to her strict regime and dietary suggestions.

But it was more than Michelle’s physical appearance that caught Amy’s attention at a comp fitting after a style show one afternoon. Her skin was flawless, not so much as a tattoo or piercing marred its beauty. But there was something else. Something Amy wasn’t sure how to handle.

A long night of talking turned to snuggling. Snuggling became more intimate… much more. It was a new experience for Amy. She looks forward to her time in Malibu with Michelle. It’s nice to be catered to while meeting the needs of someone else. Something she doesn’t share with Brian. Unlike the macho detective, Michelle works hard but when she plays it’s slow and tantalizing. She always puts Amy first.

As much as she cares for Michelle, Amy knows this isn’t where she’ll stay. It’s not an affair exactly, just another step on the path of discovering who she is and what she wants. Or maybe, who.