Wednesday, October 21, 2020

WEDNESDAY REVIEW - The Cowyboy Who Saved Christmas

 Goodmorning, friends!

If you were here earlier, I apologize. I had the post set up weeks ago just didn't get in here early enough to post the actual review.

This book was worth the wait! Of course, Jodi Thomas headlines this great Christmas read so everything else is just icing on the sugar cookie.

The three authors in this book, Jodi Thomas, Sharla Lovelace and Scarlett Dunn, take us back to what we now think of as 'simpler' times. The romantic West when cowboys were the real heroes. 

FATHER GOOSE  (Jodi Thomas) - I love a good romance where the characters had a rough life yet still find their way to a Happy Ever After. This is the case with Trapper and Emery. Each awaken something in the other, with the help of five little girls. I love children in romance novels and Jodi Thomas brought us five, each with their own personality that plays into bringing Trapper and Emery to find what's been missin in their independent lives.

THE MISTLETOE PROMISE (Sharla Lovelace) - I've read Sharla Lovelace for several years. She never fails to turn challenges into an award-winning story. HEre, she brings us a true Christmas miracle in this story with Josie and Benjamin. Women can be so hard-headed, but then so can men. These two have to learn to get beyong their shattered past to build a future together. 

CHRISTMAS ROAD (Scarlett Dunn) - Even more so than spring, I have always felt Christmas was the time for new beginnings - for miracles. Scarlett turns a family tragedy into a blessing for Clint as he fulfills his mother's promise to help Amelia. He has a long road to travel before finding what he never knew he needed. Sometimes, mother does know best. 

THE COWBOY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS releases October 27th but you can PRE-ORDER your copy now!

In the mean time, you can catch up with any of these talented ladies via their social media:

Tuesday, October 20, 2020



Good morning, friends!

I'm shining the Author Spotlight on Shea MacCleod
As I said yesterday, I first met Shea through a Savvy Authors class I took on Write Novels Fast through Art Journaling. I loved the class and have the printed class materials as well as one completed journal for Book 2 in the Planned To Perfection series. I'm hoping my journal work will help walk me through completing the first draft during NanoWrimo. (Stay tuned to this blog for that journey!)

Whad I've learned since about Shea MacCleod is she writes fabulous Urban Fantasies, Cozy Mysteries and just about anything containing witches and dragons - because as she says in her bio - everything is better with dragons! 

On October 6th, she released:

COLD CASES and HAUNTED PLACES is ranked #1 on Amazon for Short Story Anthologies & Collections! If you like quick reads, cozy mysteries and all things with past lives, you will love this book!

Don't let the small price of .99 fool you. Cold Cases and Haunted Places features fourteen fabulous authors coming together for the perfect 'snuggle up with a cup of mulled wine' collection of stories. 

For other great Halloween quick reads be sure to pick up Potions, Poisons, & Perils as well as The Ghosts in the Graveyard.

You can catch up with Shea on the following social media platforms:


Monday, October 19, 2020

TOP 3 - October 19

 Hi, Everyone!

I'm getting a really late start today.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning to loud rounds of thunder, buckets of rain and a lovely lightning show. I rolled over and went back to sleep until 8 a.m

I had almost 2" of water in the rain gauge and still coming down. 

Cold, wet, overcast and just not very inspiring.

The weather also meant I was without internet for the morning. By the time internet was back, I had a long meeting.

Apparently, we're moving into the wet season about three weeks ahead of the norm so I'll be batching blog posts this week so I won't have any coming up late. I especially want to get ahead of the game before Nano hits.

Tomorrow I'm shining the Author Spotlight on Shea MacLeod

I first met Shea through a Savvy Authors class on journaling your novel. As my husband said, that class was made for me. I took the class, have journals Book 2 in the Planned to Perfection series and since bought the book of the class - Write Novels Fast   She also writes great cozy books. I'll introduce you to her latest one tomorrow. I hope you'll join us!

All my best
~ Angela

Thursday, October 15, 2020



Lots of stuff going on the past couple of weeks. As a result I failed to post in this new series from Time To Write.

 I will continue to showcae author quotes from Kelly L. Stone's book TIME TO WRITE. Clicking on the title will take you to the book on amazon. I'm also checking in with Kelly about guesting here to provide her insite behind the book.

Here is this week's tip:

"Time to write was made by stealing it from other things, 

such as watching television,

reading or lunching with friends."

                                             ~ Jennifer Blake

                                                                                            New York Times bestselling author

All My Best

~ Angela

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 Hey Book Fans!

I will be reviewing THE COWBOY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS anthology next Wednesday (10/21/20)  

Why wait for the review? You know with these authors, the book is a guaranteed awesome read! 

THE COWBOY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS releases October 27th but you can Pre-Order now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Jennifer Griffith


Today, I'm shining the spotlight on Jennifer Griffith.

Jennifer writes what she calls 'Cotton Candy for the Soul'' romances. They are sweet and you can't stop reading them. I guess she can't stop writing them either by the very prolific book list on her Amazon Page. I encourage you to check out her page and see what she ate on a dare. ;-)

Her most recent release has already been added to my Christmas Reading List on my Kindle.

You will find Jennifer on the following social media locations:


Monday, October 12, 2020

TOP 3 - October 12, 2020

 Good morning, everyone!

Busy week here in the studio. Bob leaves tomorrow morning so I'm not doing much today other than get the blog posts for the week scheduled.

The rest of the week (through Friday) is dedicated to finishing two baby albums for shower gifts (Saturday) Then the weekend is all about catching up on Plannerthon videos. They're only live til the 20th or so and I've not watched any since Bob got home. Maybe by then my hard copy of the 2021 PlannerThon Planner will have arrived. (positive vibes to the postal service appreciated)

So here's my week:

I still need to read and post a review of Jodi Thomas' new Christmas book but Netflix and Kindle are not playing nice so I can get my review copy. I've already pre-ordered my print copy. I believe the release is this week.

The holiday books are hitting the shelves. My print copy of June Faver's THE BEST COWBOY CHRISTMAS EVER released on the 29th. This is the first of two books added to the Garret Family saga we've come to love. 

What are you reading? 

All my best
~ Angela