Wednesday, May 29, 2013

COMING OUT OF HIDING - Heavy Edits come to an end

About six weeks ago I found out about an amazing submission opportunity offered up by Boroughs Publishing Group, thanks to writer bud Mia Marlow.

Boroughs Publishing Group is looking for novella submissions inspired by song titles and must be reflected in the title of the book. Some of you may recall my Nano 2012 project - Unchained Hearts. Well, originally the manuscript was titled Somewhere Down the Line but I wasn't sure of the logistics of using an actual song title. The good folks at Boroughs Publishing Group have assured me this is not a problem. So Unchained Hearts has officially become Somewhere Down the Line... a song I fell in love with back in the mid 1980's when it was recorded by country recording artists, James & Michael Younger. You can hear the original version performed by T.G. Sheppard HERE.

Since then I have been in serious edit mode. I've taken my 55+k novel down to 40k. The story is better for it and I'm happy with the end result. As the deadline approaches on Thursday I have one task left... a 2 Paragraph Synopsis. I'm not worried about this. I never have problems with synopsis or back blurbs, which is essentially what they are asking for.

My husband has been a gem. In the past four days we've added our two granddaughters to my approaching deadline. He has helped with them almost constantly as I worked to perfect what has become the second book of my heart.

My other partner in crime, whom I could not have done this without is my Nano buddy of six years, Lar. With the book set in Texas, Lar has been my logistics person. I know the Texas music scene and can point you to the best honkytonks and food you'll ever want to experience. Having never been to Texas, it was nice having on-sight help from a local.

So tomorrow, I write the 2 paragraph synopsis, hit the send button and pray my synopsis is sparkly enough to put me in the running.

For now... I need sleep.