Friday, June 22, 2012

On the Road to ORA CON

I haven't had as much blogging time recently as I'd have liked. I thank all of you who've kept in touch while my life has been a bit busy.

I spent most of May trying to 'get ahead of the game' in preparation for our granddaughter's six-week visit. She's 4.5 and it's been a busy four weeks so far. She and I started out at a family wedding in OK and came home with horrendous head colds. Yeah... tending to a toddler who feels yucky when you feel just as yucky is not conducive to any writing. Since healing we've been trying to make up for lost time with gardening, blowing bubbles, reading books and making stuff. This six weeks is all about her.

I've barely had computer time to take care of email but it doesn't mean I haven't been writing. Well, if you count mental notes swirling through my brain like a tornado 'writing'. I've kept up with my weekly newspaper column, written a couple of feature stories and put together a workshop I'll be presenting to the Springfield Writers Guild the end of July.

I'm also beginning to get my brain back in the 'fiction' vein and anxious to finish some partial projects. For the past few months my brain has been on freelance overload, primarily with my music blog, Kellys Country. Aside from creating works of fiction, the country music industry has always been my freelance passion - primarily in traditional country and Texas music.

Today, my husband Bob, Adrian and I head for Springfield MO and the Ozarks Romance Authors Conference. They'll spend the next two days doing fun stuff around Springfield and enjoying the hotel pool while I network with some of the most amazing people in the business. ORA CON is the only time I get to visit with Leigh Michaels. I respect Leigh so much for her talent and how she does her job on a daily basis while dealing with personal stuff she has no control over. She is my hero and it's always a pleasure to visit with her.

Hopefully I can post a conference report while it's still fresh in my brain. But for now, it's time to wake up the Adrian, eat breakfast and hit the road!

Happy Writing!