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I used to read A LOT. Now, as a wife, a blogger, a paper artist I don't read as much as I'd like. I also thought for the longest time that whatever I was reading might infect my writing. I've since learned to read something different than my current project.

This tip stood out to me today:

"If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time - or the tools - to write! Simple as that." ~Stephen King

I found this video:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018



Every time I tried to work this week something has gone wrong - and it's only Tuesday!

Seems like every time I sit down to dive in the deep end and get stuff caught up, 
Life Happens!

With things already getting in the way
~like a power outage yesterday and unexpected computer updates today ~
I'm not going to stress about getting stuff up at all this week.

I don't have any authors lined up for the next couple of weeks.
This week is all about lining up great guests as well as getting a stream in place.
I'm going to lay the ground work for scheduled posts NEXT WEEK.
Then next week I can get the posts up for the week after that... and so on.

In honor of the new Duke & Duchess of Sussex
here's a Hallmark movie clip for you:

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Reet Singh shares this advice today:

Read and read and read. Read the genre you write, and also the genre you don't. Read about writing. Reading is an excellent, effective, fun way to hone your craft.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I haven't read a lot of multi-cultural romance so when I had the opportunity to read NO ESCAPE FROM LOVE by Reet Singh, I looked forward to dynamic characters in a romantic setting. Reet delivered at the highest rating.

Set in a fictitious village in Punjab India, NO ESCAPE FROM LOVE is full of secrets from both the heroine, Mohini and the hero, Aalok. But they are not just secrets but the secrets are a part of who they are and the layers that need revealed before love can happen between these two.

Reet Singh says in her letter to readers in the front of the book that "they have been with her for over three years. They had to wait all this time to find their Happily-Ever-After as I allowed life and work to come in between their story and me."   ~ This story is worth the wait, Reet.

You get a glimpse of Mohini's past on the very first page as she rushes head-long into what she believes to be a rescue. In perfect form, the author brings the hero and heroine together in a wary meeting with just enough to have the reader questioning who these people are, why are they behaving the way they do while making you care what the answers will reveal.

Little by little, Reet Singh unveils information, culminating to those answers when it's important to the story... and for us to know. Timing is everything and Reet, a doctor in real life, knows the importance of timing. 

I love the way this story flows. Everything makes sense, though I did question Tina's appearance at first. But be patient, readers. You'll get it, just as I did.


You may purchase your copy through one of the following links:


Remember to leave a comment on yesterday's post to win a copy!

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Reet Singh + Giveaway!

This week, we turn the spotlight on Reet Singh

My love affair with books began when I was a tot. A fabulous mother, who recognized the power of the written word, read to me and my sisters every night, introducing us to the wonderful world of the imagination.

I am a doctor, but make time for my other passions – reading and writing stories, watching romantic comedies, and doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook. I also love solving the cryptic crossword, and - when my muse is elusive - I enjoy pitting my wits against my husband's at Scrabble®. When I have no other choice, I can be found in the kitchen putting together my 'world-famous' one-pot meals.

I’ve been published traditionally by Mills and Boon® after I won a two-book publishing contract courtesy of Mills and Boon® India's ‘Passions’ Contest in 2013. 'Scorched by His Fire' was followed by 'The Cure was Love', both in 2014. ‘No Escape from Love’ is my first attempt to publish independently on KDP

Reet is giving away TWO eBooks to lucky people who leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for joining us today, Reet. Let's see what you are sharing with us.
I ask our guest five questions, then they choose three of their own from my list. 

Here's my five:
I’m always asked ‘where do you get your ideas’. So, where do you get yours?
Angela, thanks so much for hosting me. I’m thrilled to be here. I get my ideas from life mostly, but also from the weirdest of places. For example, a random television show turns up quite by accident when I’m flipping channels, and its about the nearly-obsolete trams of Kolkata. I decide to send Mita and Tanay (Scorched by His Fire) to Kolkata just so they can ride in a tram before the archaic transport is phased out. It wasn’t in the original plan at all.

Another time, my sisters and I were reminiscing about our childhood holidays in the countryside, at my maternal grandparents’ village, and I said – hey! Why don’t I base a story in the village – I went and changed the setting of the romance that I was already writing - you’ll see that ‘No Escape from Love’ is all about Mohini and Aalok finding themselves, and finding love, in a (fictitious) village in the state of Punjab, India.

Which comes first, the story, the characters, or the setting?
I’ve written three romances so far, and it has more or less been the same – a scene plays out in my head first, and the protagonists are just ghostly figures because I know nothing about them just then. I know broadly what the scene is about, but I have no idea how the protagonists are going to behave.

The fun starts after that as I get to know my people - I watch as they react to the awkward situation I’ve placed them in. Their behavior in this first ‘test’ sets the tone and I’m in a better position to plot the rest of the story after that. I guess, to answer your question, for me the setting comes first, then the characters, and finally the story.

Which of your heroines most represent you, or the ‘you’ you’d like to be? Why?
Wow! I’ll have to think this one out carefully. Let me see, now...

Mita (Scorched by His Fire) is naive and is my youngest heroine, at 24-years old – she might have been me, as I was decades ago, but I would never dream of setting off alone across the oceans to a foreign country to tie up the loose ends of a family mystery.

Mohini, (No Escape from Love), is creatively inclined and she probably gets that from me, but it’s Simi (The Cure was Love) who most represents me - she is independent, like me, but is also rooted to family (like me) and is a doctor (sigh - like me) – so, there’s the answer! Simi could be me but for the fact that she’s way more accident prone than I am – Murphy’s law gives me a miss sometimes, but Simi, never!

What is the single most important part of writing for you?
The dreaming that precedes it, the wonderful worlds of the imagination that open up – just staring at my Scrivener is inspiration enough for the words to come tumbling out. About half of them have to be edited out during the second draft, I won’t pretend, but the pre-sleep and post-sleep hours, when I fantasize about my work-in-progress, are critically important. I have solved a few knotty problems this way, and keep a notebook and pencil handy by my bedside to jot down any sudden inspiration.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do (or has done) for you?
The most romantic thing my guy has done for me is to support my dream to write, and to support the genre I choose to write in, and to just generally be adorable even though he is the most non-romantic person in the world (even when measured by the most lax standards of assessment)!

Here are the three you chose:

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with
       and why?
I’d recommend my latest, No Escape from Love, for two reasons: One, the first two books are being re-done even as we speak. I got my rights back from Harlequin and am preparing to go Indie with the stories, hence, am making some changes prior to that. The second reason is that I’ve learned a lot about the craft of writing and I’d like to think that my story-telling skills are getting better with each story that I write. So, definitely, if you want to read me, please start with No Escape from Love.

What is your writing routine once you start a book?
My routine is scarily erratic. Some days I’m on fire and I tap away at the laptop (on my bed, usually) for hours; other days, I procrastinate, or catch up on chores, or busy myself with marketing my books, or read, or go visit the in-laws, or the parents, write a poem, crochet...anything but work on the book. I plan to do better at structuring my time...maƱana!
My way is probably slower, but if it gets the work done, I guess it is okay.

What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries?
I do crochet – you can catch me on Pinterest salivating over patterns I simply must try, and I cannot pass by a wool shop without yearning even though I have a whole trunk-full of wool at home. I also love solving the cryptic crossword, and playing Scrabble against the computer.

Now, let's talk about the book:

Will the demons from their past tear them apart?

After personal tragedy strikes, Mohini Kapoor runs away from the city to her grandparents home in a village in Punjab. Though she manages to pick up the pieces of her broken self, and even builds a life for herself, the horror of her experience is difficult to forget. She buries it deep down inside her subconscious mind until the arrival of a stranger threatens to resurrect the old demons.

Reputed photojournalist, Aalok Ahuja, has to hide out for a few days to escape circumstances beyond his control. When his friend recommends Tejopur, a remote village in Punjab, Aalok expects life to be simple there and, perhaps, even boring - instead, his world is thrown into chaos by a woman more desirable, and vastly more complicated, than any he has ever known.

When their destinies collide, attraction flares, but secrets threaten their new found feelings. 

This close up, in the silvery light of a full moon, he looked quite beautiful. Harmless even. Mohini crept closer, ostensibly to pick up her cell phone, but she couldn't look away from the sleeping form of the man who plagued her so much.
Although she wasn't even remotely interested, it was silly to pretend that Aalok wasn't a fabulous specimen. Now that she could stare without fear of embarrassment, she noted spiked lashes that fluttered ever so slightly as he slept. His jaw was strong and square - at this late hour, his chin was shadowed with the hint of a stubble making him look raffish - very bad-boyish and rather more attractive than was strictly fair.
Mohini itched to know the truth. Was he running away from something? How absurd for a city slicker to come out all the way to a village he had never been to before. Even more absurd was for him to come unannounced.
The city slicker muttered something unintelligible, and Mohini nearly fell over backwards, perched perilously as she was on knees and toes. Her heart sped up - but he didn't waken, and she took in a heaving gulp of air.
As her pulse settled to a more placid rate, Mohini's gaze moved willy-nilly to his mouth. She gulped - if she were to grade it, it would merit a ten as far as sexy mouths went.
Whoa! She closed her eyes. So she was a voyeur now?

Sounds like a hot and intriguing read!
You may purchase your copy through one of the following links:


To connect with Reet, click on any of the links below:


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MONDAY MUSINGS - Edits & Revisions

I've been working really hard to keep content here. Some days just getting on the computer is a struggle. But I'm trying. With all the negative publicity about websites and social media in regards to personal information, I really dread coming to this screen some days... to do anything.

That out of the way, I am actually getting around more. This Thursday I will be on Susan Palmquists blog - this writerslife  My topic is on Time Management... not in managing time per-say but finding YOUR optimal time for writing. Armed with that information, I hope you'll be able to better manage your time.  I've been working on following my own advice. I'd failed to remember that my 'hot spot' runs sometime after 4 p.m. until bedtime. Yet, after writing blog posts and what not all day long, I find I just want off this laptop completely by 4 or 5 p.m. This has resulted in my own novel writing - or in this case, revisions - suffering.

With Bob out on the boat for the next three-four weeks I hope to get my routine back... and keep it in place once he's home.

I have a couple more nights before I can dive back into revisions for A Christmas To Remember. I'm currently doing line edits for a writing friend. I'm hoping she'll return the favor when I need fresh eyes on Christmas once I've slogged through the revisions.

My guest this week is author Reet Singh.  I have read her book No Escape From Love and posted a review for Wednesday. I invite you to stop by tomorrow and say hello as she has a giveaway opportunity for everyone who visits.  On Thursday, Reet will wind up her visit with our Writing Tip Thursday.

I hope you'll stop in the studio. We'd love to see you!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

WRITERS' TIP plus review - Kristin Wallace

This week's tip comes from USA Today Best Selling Author, Kristin Wallace.

Well, the advice I usually give is two-fold. 

1. Finish the book. - You’d be surprised how many people start out wanting to write a book, but never finish it. I always say just power through to the end. Even if it’s awful, at least you’ve proven that you CAN finish. It’s a bit psychological I guess. 

2. Do something with the book. - Now this is after it’s ready, of course. it’s the flip side of people who don’t complete the first draft. It's the people who "fix and fix and fix", but never get to the point where they are “done” with the book. It’s the other psychological point perhaps. Whether you self-publish or query editors/agents to go the traditional route, at some point you have to send "your baby" out to be judged by others. No one wants to hear that they’re baby is ugly, so they never send it at all. 

REMEMBER - I'll draw for the Amazon Gift Card at 8 p.m. CST. For your chance to win, make sure you've left your answer in the comments on TUESDAY'S Post.

I apologize for the late review. My husband is my #1 focus so when he got called back out to work on Wednesday, spending the last few moments with him was my only focus. He left at 5:30 last night and I curled up with the book.

LEAST LIKELY HEIRESS is a mix of everything you want in a great romance - even a romantic comedy as this story gives you points that make you laugh, scenes that make you cheer for the heroine and feel sorry for the hero.

Eve Bennett may be from the 'wrong side of the tracks' but that makes her the perfect heroine to go up against two other ladies - all vying for the right to the Armington fortune and caregiver to the priced pig, Matilda.

Yes, you heard me, a pig. But I'll leave you to read and find out all the details on that note.

What I can tell you is that Kristin Wallace has crafted some great characters and has shown her ability at revealing who they are inside by peeling back the layers a little at a time as the situation calls. She doesn't dump everything on you at once.

Cameron Reed reminds me of Rock Hudson... especially in an early scene at the Armington Estate pool. He has fallen hard for Eve and each step in the Heiress Games gives him one more reason to cheer for her.

I'm making this review short because I want to finish the book. I'm pretty sure how it ends but I don't want to give my suspicions away. What I do hope is that you'll discover the fun of the Heiress Games and this LEAST LIKELY HEIRESS for yourself. Leave a comment for your chance to win an Amazon Gift Card. I'll be doing the drawing on Saturday morning!

You may purchase your copy at any of the following links


To connect with Kristin, you'll find her on these Social Media locations:

WEBSITE         BLOG       TWITTER        FB        PINTEREST      GOODREADS   

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REVIEW WEDNESDAY - Least Likely Heiress

I am supposed to post a review of Kristin Wallace's Least Likely Heiress today. I have a glitch. My husband got called back to work and I haven't finished the book. He leaves this evening and I can curl up and read. I want to give this book the review it deserves.

I'll finish reading tonight and post the review tomorrow with Kristin's writing tip. In the mean time, please remember to visit yesterday's post and leave a comment for your chance to win an Amazon Gift card.

Thank you for your patience.

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Kristin Wallace + Giveaway!

This week, we shine the spotlight on author, Kristin Wallace

Kristin knows what you love! Money!!! Kristin is giving a way a $10 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky person leaving a comment below.  Tell us what you would do if you were to suddenly become an 'overnight heiress'!  Winner will be drawn the end of day (8 p.m. CST) Thursday - Good Luck!

Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of inspirational and contemporary romance, and women’s fiction filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith”. She is the author of two best selling series, Shellwater Key Tales (sweet contemporary romance) and Covington Falls Chronicles (inspirational romance).
Kristin’s new series The Heiress Games, launches April 10 with Book 1, Least Likely Heiress. Book 2, Not Quite An Heiress launches May 8 and Book 3, The Forgotten Heiress, launches June 5. Get a sneak peek with a FREE Chapter Sampler with the opening chapters of all three books.

Thank you for stopping by today, Kristin. Lets find out a bit more about you, shall we?

I always asked ‘where do you get your ideas’. So, where do you get yours?
The Heiress Games started out as a single book in another series. I had the idea of a rather eccentric heiress who dies and leaves all her money to a pet. That pet happens to be a pig. I’ve thought leaving the money to a pig just seemed funnier. The heiress then chooses three women who are descendants of the family to compete for custody of the pig (and control of the money of course). At some point the single book morphed into a different series and grew to 3 books, each one following the actions of one of the “heiresses”.

The one very different element of the series is that all three books show the same basic events, but from the point-of-view of the other characters. There are even certain “group” scenes that appear in all three books, but each time you see it through different eyes.

Which comes first, the story, the characters, or the setting?
I think in this case it was the premise of people competing for custody of a pig. Then I had to figure out who they all were and the connection between them. The women are family descendants and all related in some way to the heiress who passes away. The men involved ended up being best friends who were once foster brothers together. One of them is the lawyer in charge of overseeing the will (and The Heiress Games). He brings his two best friends to help watch over the women.

Which of your heroines most represent you, or the ‘you’ you’d like to be? Why?
Wow, I don’t know. My characters tend to be a lot bolder than I am in real life, LOL. Maybe I wish I could be more like that in general.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?
 I’d say writing compelling characters. If readers don’t care about my characters, they won’t care about the story.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do (or has done) for you?
I think I’m still waiting for that. Maybe it’s why I write romance novels. If I don’t have romance in my life, I can write about it someone else’s life.

Those are my Top Five. Now please pick YOUR three from the following:

How long have you been writing - have you always wanted to be a writer?
I was always a voracious reader. I started writing down stories in high school, but it never occurred to me that I could be a writer until my mid-20s. Even then it took me about 10 years to get my act together and really make a push to be an author.

If I was a first time reader of your books, which one would you recommend I start with
       and why?
Might as well start with my first book, MARRY ME. It’s the first book in the Covington Falls Chronicles, inspirational romances set in a fictional southern town. It’s still one of my favorite books, with plenty of heart and laughs. It’s about a very reluctant wedding planner.

My other series is set in a small Florida beach town, Shellwater Key Tales. If you like sweet contemporary romance, LEFT TURN AT PARADISE is the first book in that series. The main books in that series center on three childhood friends who all return to their hometown and become involved in reviving an old dinner theatre.

Who, if anyone, has influenced your writing?
My favorite authors are those who can make me laugh and cry. Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Kristan Higgins are probably the two I want to be “when I grow up”.  I really admire authors who know how to write humor well, but also can fell all the emotions. Those are the core elements of my books. I can’t take a whole book filled with only angst and drama.

Now, let's talk about the book. 

A fortune…and love…is at stake

Eccentric heiress, Victoria Armington, has died and left her vast fortune to her pet pig, Matilda. Now three Armington descendants have been chosen to compete for custody of the pig…and control of the money. Then there’s the lawyer in charge of overseeing the competition, and his two best friends, who arrive to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Welcome to The Heiress Games…

Heiress #1: Eve Bennett – The Least Likely Heiress

She’s a struggling single mother whose claim to the Armington name stems from an affair between Palm Cove’s founder and his mistress. Winning the money will mean her family will never want for anything again. There’s just one big, knee-weakening, mouth-watering problem…the talk, dark and gorgeous lawyer in charge of the Heiress Games.

For high-powered attorney, Cameron Reed, sorting out the craziest will he’s ever encountered could mean a partnership at his firm. He’s survived becoming an orphan and an endless round of foster homes, and now he’s one step away from realizing his dream. If only he can keep from losing his heart to the one woman who could ruin all his plans.

As Cam and Eve fight their feelings, there’s also a saboteur at work. Someone who might stop at nothing to make sure no one wins.

ALERT! The Heiress Games is like no other series. You’ll actually see the same events unfold in Books 2 (Not Quite An Heiress) and 3 (The Forgotten Heiress), but from the other characters’ points of view. Each romance will come to a satisfying conclusion, but you’ll have to wait for the ultimate winner to be announced at the end of the series. The author apologizes in advance for writing a cliffhanger, but knows you’ll love the journey to the grand finale. 

Looking up, Cam realized he’d already reached the diner. A blonde-haired waitress stood out front, talking on a cell phone. His heart stuttered to a stop. Then started again. Something dark and rich settled in his gut. His scattered brain managed to record a few critical details. Golden hair. Rounded hips. Legs that seemed to go on forever. And lips, he noticed, as he drew closer. Amazing, entrancing, have-to-taste-them lips.
            The golden goddess pocketed the phone and went to sit on a bench under a big tree. She moved like heaven. Despite the ugly pink uniform, the woman sparkled like a polished gold coin.
            Wait a minute…a blonde in a waitress uniform?
            In an instant, Cam knew he’d found his heiress, along with a mountain of temptation.
            He walked over to the bench. For one brief second Cam hoped he was wrong. Maybe his heiress was still inside and this woman just looked a little like the picture in the file. Eve was part of the grand scheme cooked up by Victoria Armington, which meant Eve was as good as a client, which meant she was off limits. He couldn’t get personally involved with her in any way.
            “Eve Bennett?”
            Her head lifted. “Yes?”
He was so screwed.

Wow! Definitely on my TBR list!
You may purchase your copy at any of the following links


To connect with Kristin, you'll find her on these Social Media locations:

WEBSITE         BLOG       TWITTER        FB        PINTEREST      GOODREADS   

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Sincerest apologies for this late posting. Rough night. Moving slow. 

Tierney James gives practical, yet important advice for anyone who wants to be a writer:

One of the things I've discovered by accident, is if you are a writer then you must write. Always. Everyday. In your sleep. Driving. Don't shut the characters out of your life just because a daily routine or job takes you elsewhere. I once heard author David Baldacci say if he didn't write each day his characters started talking and complaining to him. It was a relief to know my characters did the same thing. No medication needed! Some days I don't get but a couple of lines onto paper, a blog post ready or a thank you note to a friend. BUT I WRITE. It's like playing the piano. You must practice your craft to make beautiful word music for your readers. Don't give those characters a reason to complain. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - How To Market A Book...

As most of you probably know, marketing a book in today's publishing world falls on the author's shoulders - for the most part. Sometimes an author gets lucky with some assistance from their publisher but the bulk  of the legwork is solely in the hands of the author... and a team he/she puts in place.

Tierney James has the path to marketing paved with solid steps anyone can take to insure their book has a promising outcome throughout the process. From building your platform before your book even sees the light of day to hitting the book signings.

With her friendly writing style, going through this book is like have a one-on-one conversation with Tiereny James. While her information is fabulous, she doesn't pretend to know it all. Instead, she brings in experts in various fields that have helped her build her brand and market her books, shining the spotlight on others. These experts explain not only what you should have but WHY the method works. You'll learn what you should have on a website, what you need to do ahead of time by creating yourself as a marketable commodity and a time line for what you should be doing when along your path to publication and after.

There is a hard copy of this book in my future. As I read the eBook I found a lot of things that while I knew about them in the back of my mind, being able to highlight them for future reference is a must in my reference library.

Speaking of referencing, I will be using HOW TO MARKET A BOOK Someone Besides Your Mother Will Read during my talk at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference October 11-13, 2018. Tiereny James is planning to attend so come on out and meet her, pick up a few books and loads of tips about making your book marketing a SUCCESS!

I'm giving this book:

You may purchase your copy from AMAZON

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Tierney James + Giveaway!

This week we shine the spotlight on Tierney James.

Tierney James decided to become a full-time writer after working in education for over thirty years. Besides serving as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, and attending Space Camp for Educators, Tierney served as a Geo-teacher for National Geographic. Her love of travel and cultures took her on adventures throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. From the Great Wall of China to floating the Okavango Delta of Botswana, Tierney weaves her unique experiences into the adventures she loves to write. Living on a Native American reservation and in a mining town continues to fuel the characters in the Enigma and Wind Dancer series.

The love of teaching continues in her marketing and writing workshops along with the creation of educational materials and children’s books. Try some of her other books to bring a little adventure to your life.

Thank you for joining us, Tiereny. Let's find out more about you:

I ask our guest 5 questions. Then I give them a list of more questions for them to select 3 of their own.

Here's My Five:

I’ always asked ‘where do you get your ideas’. So, where do you get yours? 
Thanks for having me today. A lot of my ideas come from personal experiences and my travels around the world. But I also get ideas from pictures and articles I find in National Geographic, TIME magazine, geography books and the news. I keep a folder and notebook of those pictures and ideas.

Which comes first, the story, the characters, or the setting?
That is a tricky one. It really depends on what is cooking in my brain. The setting usually inspires the story. Then the characters step in and take charge. Having said that I wrote Rooftop Angels after seeing a picture of a tribesman in Northern Afghanistan. The setting was rugged and barren which formed the story. I had to do a lot of research to get it to fit together.

Which of your heroines most represent you, or the ‘you’ you’d like to be? Why?
My favorite heroine would have to be soccer mom Tessa Scott. She is a lot like me in that she is a normal person who loves her family, attends church, but has this thirst for adventure which gets her in a lot of trouble. Some of her adventures begin to change how she sees the world. I think once you’ve studied and taught geography like me, you see trouble spots in the world through different eyes. This lady stacks up a lot of secrets in a short amount of time.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?
The most important part of writing for me is the development of the story. That comes with research which can involve music, traditions, myths, geography and the five senses. I want my readers to feel, taste, smell and touch the story as if they were there.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do (or has done) for you?

I would love for a guy to buy me flowers to plant in the garden and offer to help; maybe even create a garden and surprise me. Of course, getting me a ride on a Blackhawk Helicopter would be pretty nice too!

Tierney's 3:

What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries?
I love to travel which offers a lot of more writing inspiration. Writing conferences has to be the one thing that gets me recharged and ready to start something new. Being with other writers, learning new trends, and networking helps me to focus on the tasks ahead.

Who, if anyone, has influenced your writing?
 I would say James Rollins influenced me greatly. The first book I read of his was The Judas Strain. I then devoured his backlist and decided if I was going to write I wanted to learn his style. Vince Flynn and Brad Thor gave me the geopolitical inspiration I craved. There have been many who also helped me believe in myself.

If money were not an object, where would you most like to travel?

I have this one all planned out actually. I would start in Italy so I could go to Vatican City. My next stop would be the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey followed by a trip to Israel with a personal guide. I would continue to Tibet and visit the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace. 

Great answers! 
Now, let's talk about your book:

No one in a gated community would suspect that a Libyan terrorist lived nearby.  When her little girl tells Tessa Scott, a falling star landed in their backyard, she tells her to make a wish.  Sending her family on vacation the following day after a fight with her husband, Tessa Scott realizes the falling star is a possible bomb. A no-nonsense Captain Hunter enters her home on false pretenses saving her life.  Forcing the secret world of terrorists, assassins and national security into her once perfect life, fate forces Tessa to survive the unthinkable, including a complicated partnership with Captain Hunter

Relying on a little faith and courage, Tessa discovers a hidden strength she never knew existed.  Being shoved off a cliff to escape a forest fire, becoming the bait to draw out men who are bent on destroying life-saving isotopes and facing the assassin who claims to have murdered her family brings together a group of disgruntled agents that begin to believe in the intervention of a higher power and one unlikely hero.


“Mrs. Scott?” Chase looked over at Tessa as she unfolded the bomb from her arms. A hum had begun with the several small flashing lights. “Yeah, Enigma, I’d say it’s activated.” Chase eyed Tessa and realized she was seeing it in its real form for the first time. “Essid’s friends are still coming at us. Give that trucker behind me a call will ya? License plate ERZ7773.” Chase reached over and gently touched Tessa’s shoulder. “We’ll be okay, Mrs. Scott. Maybe you better hand me the bomb.”

“I can’t” she whimpered.

“Sure, you can. It’s a bomb. It’ll be okay.”

“No,” Tessa nervously shook her head. “I really can’t.” Tessa leaned back and let the bomb move slightly forward. Her index finger had somehow gotten shoved into an opening. The swelling had already begun and there was no removing it. Tears welled up in her terrified blue eyes. “What kind of bomb is this?”

Chase glanced back at the oncoming terrorists. They were nearly in the middle of the eighteen-wheeler. “Could be radioactive, Mrs. Scott.” He watched her closely. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Licking her lips, Tessa tried again.

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