Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where am I?

Wow... other than guests popping in on occasion, I've really left this place in the dark. I've been writing, but not much fiction. Right now my passion is in resurrecting an old love... music. Specifically, working in the entertainment field. I've been doing interviews, reviewing albums and books. Most of who I work with on a daily basis are Texas entertainers, though every once in awhile a Nashville guest walks through the door.
If you'd like to check out this side of me, you'll find me almost daily at KellysCountry

The other area keeping me busy is freelance for Polymer Cafe magazine. I began working with their editor about three years ago with the occasional "The Last Word' column - more of an editorial style. It was a nice foot in the door for what is becoming more steady work with this editor. I love working with Polymer Cafe and this editor. I'm hoping to step through other doors under the Scott Publishing umbrella next year.

I have done some short fiction pieces for competitions and little things are pulling me back to the longer items I want to finish.

And then there is always NanoWriMo and JANO on the horizon.

I'll pop in here more regular over the closing of the year. 2013 will find me writing full-time and sharing it all with you.

What are you working on?