Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A NEW FOCUS - Gearing up for Nano 2015

Seems like just a few weeks ago I had returned from an extended trip through Texas. Non-fiction was more on the forefront of my brain. Even a few days at RT could not entice me to get back to working on my novels.

NanoWriMo and my recent trip to the Ozark Creative Writers conference has flipped the proverbial switch. Yay!

While in Eureka Springs meeting up with friends who were attending the conference (I was just there to soak up the charm Eureka Springs has to offer), I spent a good amount of time working on rewriting A Christmas To Remember. Arthritis flared up and I did not get very far, but at least I was doing something in the fiction vein again. And the process felt wonderful!

I also met Tiffany Schofield from Five Star Publishing. I think she might be a good fit for my Jayson's Range series. But I warned Tiffany that the book, while having placed in competitions, was no where near pitchable - yet. She asked that we keep in touch and that I reach out to her when I am ready. Absolutely!

But first... I have fleshing out to do of the first book in the Branson Series. Additional word count needs turned into the JANO bean counter by the end of November. And Book 2 of the Branson series - How Do You Like Me Now? - is my Nano 2015 project. And once that is out of the way, then I plan to write Book 3 for JANO 2016.

I'm also teaming up with the ever so awesome Pam Labud as my crit partner. Neither of us have been able to find someone that fit or had the time, yet both need someone in our corner to point out our boo boos. We learned at RT  we are good roomies. I figure if you can room with someone (and their husband) without wanting to strangle them, you've got a good match LOL

The cauldron is bubbling and I'm anxious to start word-spilling.

I'm not going to focus much else on this blog except writer updates for the rest of the year, what with Nano then Christmas. But come January, I hope to get back to author interviews and some book reviews. So stay tuned!