Monday, February 1, 2010

A bit about Death By Design

Someone is leaving the bodies of beautiful women in posh hotel rooms. Are they planned murders or kinky sex games gone wrong? Homicide detective Brian Carter believes it's the work of a serial killer.

Amy Claire's career as a top fashion designer takes her all over the country. Her time is divided between the condo she shares with Brian in NewHaven and the Malibu beach house with Michelle. Involved in two passionate relationships at the same time, she still feels as if something is missing - something she believes only Sean Martin can provide.

A serial killer has a thing for beautiful women... vulnerable women. When Amy comes close to becoming victim number five, Brian learns things about her that hurt more than any duty wound he could receive. Only his training as a detective enables him to put the task of finding the killer ahead of the personal torment raging inside him.

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