Monday, July 8, 2013


After having my granddaughters for five weeks, which cut into my internet time more than I could have ever imagined, and then my modem crashing I am finally back on line. There is a hope and a prayer I will remain connected to all of you for a very long time. I've increased my internet package to the largest HughesNet offers and installed a shiny new G4 modem.

As I write this I am waiting for Boroughs Publishing to post the results of Round 2 of 'What's In A Name?' competition. There are three of us in the contemporary category and dare I say, one entry I am impressed with - and it isn't mine. Don't get me wrong... I have all the faith in Trey and Ali's story in Somewhere Down the Line. The fact I had an email this morning from the man who inspired Trey is a definitive boost to my confidence. But if another entry receives more votes than mine, I have my fingers crossed for the author and look forward to reading her story win or lose. I KNOW her story will see publication.

For several weeks I've been mulling over my next novella. Something else that might fit Boroughs Publishing. If I do land the contract with this competition, I want something else in the works to follow up with. In the event I don't, I would still like to work with Chris Keesler and his team so will need something else to submit.

In the wee hours of this morning while dreaming I hit upon a line I HAVE to work with.

"I've been doing promotion a lot longer than I've been chasing bad guys."

I hadn't planned on my next book being intrigue but maybe I need to think about the possibilities.
What do you do when you are presented with something that forces you to think outside the box?

Creative Blessings

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