Monday, February 3, 2014


February 3rd, the ground hog was blessed with his shadow and JANO 2014 is behind me. That about sums up the past two weeks.

I did not finish the rough for Heart on the Line. The story just did not want to come out. I didn't have writer's block by any means. Words were flowing fine on everything else but my characters, Kassie and Bo, were determined to hide on the tour bus and not deal with their feelings. On January 30th, they decided to step out of the shadows and begin their journey to man and wife - thanks to a nudge from deceased Granny Pearl. I wrote over 4,000 words in the last two days of JANO, turning in a total word count of 25,038. Half way is good.

Our JANO after-party is scheduled for this Saturday and snow is in the forecast so as of right now, I'll be missing the celebration (4-hr round trip in snow does not sound fun!) But that's okay. Hubby is only home one more week. Once he is back on the road I can work round the clock again to get more accomplished in a day (and half a night).

For now... I just want to get business done during the day and spend time with him in the evening.

Happy Writing!

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