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AMERICAN MAIL- ORDER BRIDE - Isabella - Bride of Ohio

I hope you are enjoying this journey through the United States. This week we stop in Ohio where author, Debra Parmley introduces us to Isabella. If you need to read the Prequel for the American Mail-Order Bride series, you can go HERE

Here's how Isabella's story came about:
I am excited to be a part of the American Bride series, which is unique and the first of its kind. Kirsten invited me to join the group and I told her I could as long as I could have the state of Ohio so I could pay tribute to the state I was born and raised in. She said yes, so I was in. My book, which is # 17, is set in Ohio, in Yellow Springs, which is just fifteen minutes from my parent’s house. I chose the name Isabella to honor my grandmother.

For my cover I asked my cover artist Sheri McGathy who has done most of the covers for Belo Dia to use a background of cornfields for Ohio is the sweet corn capitol of the U.S. I asked her to include a cardinal which is the state bird and on the back cover you will find buckeyes if you look close. Ohio is the buckeye state. For my heroine she found a picture of Jax Turnya that I liked and I asked her to put her in Swedish braids.

While the American Brides project was forming I formed a writing partnership with Robert Arrow. Robert is a long time friend who taught me primitive archery years ago and later became my fight choreographer for my stories. He has training as an MP in the military, in martial arts, and is a gun instructor. He brings more action and adventure to my stories. Isabella, Bride of Ohio is more than a mail order bride story in that it combines the damsel in distress theme. There are three main characters. Isabella, Donald her fiancé and Tom, a Pinkerton agent. As my grandmother would say, trouble comes in threes. What three troubles will Isabella have and will she have the happy ever after she dreamed of?

Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, loses her parents and then her job at the factory after it burns down. Nothing in American seems to last but she hopes her mail order bride marriage to the handsome and wealthy Donald Jenks will. But as her grandmother always said, trouble comes in threes and there are dangers standing between her and her happy ever after with her true love.

Isabella is part of the American Mail Order Brides series and Robert and I are planning connected books to follow the descendants of Isabella and Thomas.

Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, loses her parents and her job at the factory. Nothing in American seems to last but she hopes her mail order bride marriage will. But as her grandmother always said, trouble comes in threes and danger stands between her and happy ever after. 

“…that silence you are putting off. It’s very off putting, you know. I wouldn’t advise you use that on your new husband.”

"Well goodness, it is meant to be off putting. Though it does not seem to be working with you"

“How I behave around him is none of your business.” She spoke quiet and low so as not to make a spectacle in front of the other diners. “I do not know you sir, and have no wish to.” So saying, she stood and walked away from the table.

Ernest Tomlin watched the quiet blonde leave.
She would be perfect. The boss would love to get his hands on merchandise like her. Being European meant she had that sexy accent people would pay extra for and there wasn’t any family to miss her. Yeah. She could disappear nice and easy

* * * 

Debra Parmley loves spreading love, one story at a time. Fascinated by fairy tales and folktales ever since she was a young girl, she has always ended her stories with a happy ever after.

Debra enjoys writing, reading, playing at being a medieval lady in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and world travel. Her work as a travel consultant gave her the opportunity to visit many countries and her luggage often carried him folk tales from the countries she has visited.

Her three favorite things are dark chocolate, visiting the beach and ocean, and hearing from her readers. Each card, letter and email is a treasured gift, like finding that perfect shell upon the beach.

Debra has interviewed many cover models for Cover Model Corner and her interviews are often picked up by Affair du Coeur magazine.

For more about her work as well as interviews with cover models in Cover Model Corner, visit Debra’s website and sign up for her newsletter to be eligible for insider news and contests.

Isabella - Bride of Ohio released December 5th on Amazon

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