Monday, February 25, 2013

WEEKLY PLAN - February 25th

Between trying to make sure the house was semi-presentable before Bob came home on Wednesday, trying to bring my work habits into 2013 and prepare for an ice storm, last week was pretty much a wash where writing was concerned. I did get the blogs in line.

People ask why I have so many blogs and it's been suggested I should combine everything to one website with multiple pages. And here's why I don't. I LIKE the separate homes for my different resumes. My work targets a variety of audiences and potential editors and agents. Can you imagine if I attempted to target all of those people under one headline? Too confusing in my opinion.

So if you've ever wondered what keeps me busy, let me give you some insight.
For now, I consider my novel writing to be my dessert. I try to always make room (time) for dessert (novels) but the freelance, particularly in music and entertainment, has always been what made my heart beat as far back as I can remember. Even though novels don't come first on my To-Do list, I still need to keep my contacts in the field and stay abreast of what's going on ... so I have TheWritersStudio

Freelance, primarily entertainment, is my first love. To target that audience and promote myself knowledgeable to write in that field I have Kellys Country -
That's where I keep up with what is going on in Texas music. I also try to keep an ear to the Nashville beat, especially for the traditional music that built Nashville and the entertainers trying to bring it back around.

I'm a creative person. From the time I was nine, my (step) mom taught me to glue paper together I've been in love with creating something from left-overs. I'm enthralled with color in any form. I can spend six hours in a fabric store just oohing and awing over pattern combinations and colors. I love to play with paper, inks, paints, fabric, clay, fibers... the list is endless. And I'm blessed that first introduction to crafting is part of my income today.

I also have a spiritual blog I've not worked with much but am hoping to delve back in to. And finally, a blog about my home-area...  Just a place to share a little bit of the beautiful state of Missouri. Who knows, it might spark some freelance travel pieces.

Amongst all of this I enter writing competitions, mostly short stories make time to create for the creative blog as well as just because I need that 'play' time. I love to garden, play with my animals and spend time with my SUPER supportive husband Bob.

So the next time someone suggests because I work from home, I don't do as much as someone who works outside the home... come spend the day with me. I dare you to keep up! :-)

Happy Writing!

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