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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Keta Diablo + BONUS + Giveaway!

Beginning today, I'm doing something a little different for the next several days. Here's a bit of an intro:

UNDER A MULBERRY MOON is a beautifully crafted anthology compiled by talented authors. I've known Keta Diablo on line for over ten years and I am honored to have her with me today. I'm equally blessed to have her bring along her friends.

Each day for the next nine days, each author will have a turn letting us get to know them. But first... the ladies have a gift for EVERYONE who stops by... a free download of MEDLEYS & MUSINGS - a sampling of every story from Under the Mulberry Moon.  Go HERE to download your copy

But that's not all!!!!   Three of the participating authors will each be giving away a copy of UNDER A MULBERRY MOON to lucky visitors who leave a comment. You MUST leave a comment ABOUT THE ANTHOLOGY to qualify. So comment about one or all of the stories the authors share. Each comment will be assigned a number. Then on Thursday July 26th, I will select 3 winners using

So let's meet Keta Diablo:

Thank you for joining me today in The Writers’ Studio. Let’s get started!

Keta Diablo lives in the Midwest part of the United States on six acres of woodland. When she isn't writing or gardening she loves to commune with nature. A lifelong animal lover, she also devotes her time and support to the local animal shelters.

Keta's a bestselling Amazon author who writes in several genres, including western romance, historical romance, paranormal romance and the occasional gay romance. Her books have received numerous Top Pick, Book of the Month and Recommended Read reviews. 

Here's My Five:

I’m always asked ‘where do you get your ideas’. So, where do you get yours?
This is such a good questions as every author gives a different answer. LOL. As for me, I often people watch. Some days, I sit in the Mall and watch the people go by. They're conversing, moving their hands, laughing, whatever. I always wonder what they're talking about or why they're so animated. You can learn a lot by watching people, for instance, body language interpretation, personality traits, the sound of others' laughter. Many stories have come to me just by watching people, and I also use those observances mentioned above in my stories.

Which comes first, the story, the characters, or the setting?
It's always about the story, the plot. You can have the greatest character depictions but if there's no story to what they're about (doing), it would be quite boring. People are looking for an escape to another place, another time, anywhere, but their everyday common world. I try to focus first on the plot and then hopefully develop some interesting characters to star in that world.

Which of your heroines most represent you, or the ‘you’ you’d like to be? Why?
Another good question. I think writers would be less than truthful if they said their characters are not like them. There's a little bit of me in all my heroines. As for favorites, that's hard for me to answer. I like all my characters or I wouldn't write them. Lol.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?
Editing, going through and fine-tuning, getting rid of words that aren't needed, cutting scenes that you once thought were good, but in retrospect don't shine.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do (or has done) for you?
Carved "400" in our brand new driveway. I can't tell you what the 400 means as it's rather corny and people would say, "What? Wait." But I knew what it meant and I found it moving that it would be there for many years, probably long after we're gone…or at least until the driveway is torn up. 

Here are the three you chose:

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?
See above. I leave a little bit of me in every book. Maybe not consciously, but then when I go back and read about my heroines, I see parts of my personality, or maybe the way I talk.

What is your writing routine once you start a book?
I plot everything in my head for a long time, every scene, every character, even what they wear in each scene. When I have it all down in my mind, I sit down with a few notes and write the story. I'm a slow writer so I allow myself plenty of time to finish a story.

What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries?
Spend time at and donate to my local animal shelter. I love animals and like to spend some of my spare time devoted to their care. I also love to garden, mostly flowers, although I put in a few vegetables for fun. And, of course, I love to read when I have time.

Let's talk about the book. You'r story is Comes A Specter

Anya's ten- year-old son, Willie-boy, found his father hanging in the barn six months ago. He hasn't spoken a word since. Now the boy is gravely ill and there's only one man who can save him, Sutter Sky, a learned shaman known as Yellow Smoke, a shaman who was deeply in love with Anya at one time. But fate had other plans—Anya was forced to marry a cruel man by the name of Lewis Fleming. Worse, Anya is convinced the ghost terrorizing them is her late husband. Will Yellow Smoke put aside his bitterness to save Willie-boy, and how will he dispel the evil, sinister ghost?

The ghost came again last night.

What little sleep found Anya left her drained and anxious. She dragged herself from bed, dressed in a dark blue, calico blouse, long brown skirt, and left the cabin to gather fresh eggs for breakfast. They sizzled in the skillet now, reminding her of the hissing sound the evil spirit often emitted. The haunt mimicked other noises too. It rapped its knuckles against the timbered walls of the cabin outside, howled louder than a cyclonic wind, screamed like a banshee and gnashed and growled like a weasel caught in a trap.

She closed her eyes. And other despicable things I can’t bear to think of much less talk about.
Willie-boy shuffled into the kitchen looking drawn and pale, but seemed intent on performing his morning ritual of calling Cobb, their ranch hand, in for breakfast. Even Soot, her son's faithful hound, lacked his usual vigor. His ears lay flat against his head and his long, black tail hung limp between his hind legs.
Anya called out to Willie-boy."Whoa, there, son. Where's my morning kiss?"
Willie-boy pivoted and looked up at her, his adorable, ten-year old face flushed, his dusky-grey eyes dull. He walked toward her, a half-smile lifting the corner of his lips.

Sounds like a great read! The FREEBIE you've provided definitely has me wanting to read the full anthology.   Remember to download the Free teaser then purchase your full anthology.. I mean - you can't just have one- right? LOL


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  1. First, to whoever coined iit, I love the title "Under a Mulberry Moon."

    Second, I love the characters Keto has put into play with her blurb in Comes a Specter. With the exception of Cobb, she has given us tools for our imagination to paint the picture in our minds. I'm very much looking forward to reading the book.

  2. Thank you, Angela for featuring us and our anthology, Under A Mulberry Moon! I believe this is a great collection of stories.

  3. Hi Angela! What a great blog. It's an honor for our anthology, Under A Mulberry Moon, to be in the spotlight here. Many thanks!

  4. Hi, Angela! Sure enjoyed this feature. I write under a pen name for this anthology and look forward to having my book featured. I have learned more about Keta than while working with her, so I greatly appreciate the format of your posts.

  5. Ah, Angela, you're so sweet...and very generous with fellow authors. We are all so appreciative of featuring us on your lovely blog. Please let any one of us know when we can pay it forward for you.

    You're a PEACH! Do you live in Georgia? lol.

    My best, Keta

  6. Great teaser! I’m still amazed that readers get nine books for only $0.99! Who wouldn’t want that deal?