Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CONTESTS & CONFERENCES - Arkansas Writers Conference

"I am not responsible for content posted about any of the conferences and events. I will let you know which ones I have attended or participated in. Please contact the conference site directly for current information."

Okay... commercial out of the way. Now let's talk conferences & workshops. There are a TON out there. You only have to look. Three websites I have always found helpful are SHAW GUIDESWRITE DEVAS and RESOURCES FOR WRITERS by Jodi Renner. Book mark those links and refer to them next time you're on the hunt for a writer's conference.

This week I want to take you to Little Rock, Arkansas. Though I've not attended the conference, I have participated in their annual writing contests - and won a few here and there. This conference is put together by great people who know what they are doing. I'm talking about the Arkansas Writer's Conference. One woman you will find in attendance as long as she is able is the lovely Arkansas Poet Laurette, Peggy Vining. Such a sweet lady and wonderful poet. I have known Miss Peggy for over 25 years and she is the one who first told me about the Arkansas Penwomen and this conference.

Though the deadline has passed to enter this year's competition, there is still time to register for the conference which takes place June 5 - 6.

Anytime you attend a conference I spotlight, please email me or leave a comment to let me know what you thought. Let us learn from the experiences of others.

Happy Writing!

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