Monday, April 27, 2015

CURRENT PROJECT - Branson Series Book 2

I'm going to pretend I haven't been here in what seems forever. Aside from scheduling the spotlight authors, life has been really crazy here. My last real post was back in January when I introduced you to the plans for my brand new studio - Creative Dreams. My husband worked his day job as a river boat Captain most of January so no progress on the studio. On February 13 he had carpal tunnel sugery on his predominate hand (right). For two and a half months he could not do much of anything. I crammed my day job into as few daylight hours as possible then spent my fiction writing time with him. Bottom line, my husband is more important to me than publishing books. I don't want to look back wishing 'if only'. Life is too short. 

The music business exploded for me and I'm struggling to keep up. But in January I did write the first in a trilogy during JANO, sponsored by my local Sleuth's Ink writer's group. I am pleased with the story, though like any first draft the story needs a lot of help. And like any first book in a series, I am anxious to breathe life into the next couple I introduced in Book 1. Kim is a military widow with two adorable little girls and Trevor is an Iraq vet turned country singer. When Trevor takes a spot on a USO tour, Kis is petrified she will become a widow again, before they are even man and wife. I promise there will be at least one kleenex moment in this book. I know, becuase I wrote the scene in book one then realized the impact would be greater in book 2. 

So while I have not been here much, my mind is always whirling with stories I want to share. 

I leave on Saturday for a 18 day trip through Texas. I will be spending the first week of my trip in the Hill Country networking with music artists and doing research for my western historical that kind of stalled out. The second week I will be at the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas. If you are attending, please look me up! I've scheduled to be in the FAN-tastic Party during the second half of the evening and I have SWAG! 

So here's a question begging for your input .... 'What is the best SWAG  you ever received? Tell me. I'll draw one name for a special prize pack.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow when my favorite Vamp author, Danielle Gianni Corrick will be here and she's giving away the complete Diary Trilogy to one lucky fan! Don't miss it. 

Happy Reading!

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  1. It's hard to keep it all going. Lots of balls to juggle. Write on!