Saturday, April 4, 2015

MY SEXY SATURDAY - Our Sexy Tomorrow

My friend, J.D. Faver introduced me to a blog hop she thought I might be interested in. Imagine my surprise when this week's 'MY SEXY SATURDAY' theme fit perfectly for Trey an Alana's story.

The rules of this hop are simple:
1 - Sign up using Linky. This enables you to link your blog to theirs.
2 - Post 7 paragraphs/ 7 sentences/ or 7 words. These can be from a published book or a WIP
3 - Open to published AND un-published authors. Pretty cool!
4 - Promote My Sexy Saturday as much as possible through social media.

This week's theme:
This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and it’s all about those who have loved another for a long time. This love could have started when they were kids, when they were dating or even from afar. The point is that one character has loved the other for what seems like forever.

From Somewhere Down the Line
“Have you ever thought about the last time we saw each other?” His gaze dared her to deny his question. “Tell me you don’t remember anything special about that night in Abilene, and I’ll pretend I never asked. But I remember how you blushed when I sang ‘Earth Angel’ and how the last thing I wanted to use was my thumb to clean that dab of mustard off the corner of your mouth. I remember how tortured I felt at having to let you go, how trapped I was by responsibility and unable to do anything about it. I’ve carried those memories with me, Ali. So please tell me your coming here today isn’t just about an interview."

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Creative Blessings!

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