Monday, June 12, 2017

MARKET MONDAY - Twitter Part 2

Did you get your page set up? I'd love to be one of your followers. Leave your Twitter handle in the comments so I can.

This week we're going to talk about content. You have 140 characters to tell people something about your book. Before we get to what you're going to write, let's talk about the SOCIAL part of Social Media.

Think of this like going to a dinner party. You visit with the people who are there. You make new acquaintances/ contacts and LISTEN to what they have to say. Only after you've played the gracious guest, or they ask about you do you share your story. ALL social media platforms work the same way. The content should not be all about you.

Start by seeing what your followers, and those you follow are talking about. LIKE/ RETWEET ones you feel other people would get something from.

Next, add your own tweets about various topics. While they do not have to match your interests, they should. This helps to build a relationship between you and your followers. Either they are other authors or they are potential readers. Some things you might share are links to blog posts that have great writing tips or news updates from publishers. From a reader point of view, share links to pages that connect to you either they book you are promoting or your current work in progress. Sci-Fi fantasy might include links to weaponry or an interesting fact of what ever sub-genre of Sci-Fi you're writing in. Whether you are writing Historical or Contemporary, there should always be something that ties to your story that you can share. You are subliminally promoting your book without flashing the 'BUY MY BOOK' sign in their face.

After you have been SOCIAL, add no more than 10% of self-promotion for your own work. These might include a link to a blog hop you are participating in, a FB launch, announcing a special sale on your release or 'hook' lines from your book.

And you're going to do this all in 140 characters or less per post. If a link is really long, Use bitly or tinyurl to shorten the length of your post. These programs allow you to input a long url and they will give you a condensed version that will work the same as the longer link but with less characters.

When promoting your stuff, add a photo. Graphics get things noticed. The ideal size for tweet-inclusive photos is 440x220

For more great information on working with Twitter, check out Get Twitter-pated by Jen Nipps

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