Monday, June 19, 2017

MARKET MONDAY - Twitter Part 3

How are you doing with your Twitter account? Are you failing to post? Finding the task too time-consuming.  Yeah.. that can happen.

Like any other Social Media, you can get lost of the swirl of stuff. Either the stuff is so boring you can't look away, or you can't stop reading.  Face it, even in 140 characters people can talk about absolutely nothing.

So how do you avoid Twitter becoming just another time-suck and not a productive tool in your Marketing arsenal?

As with anything else, to be productive you have to set limits. I start each morning with a list of what I need to do each day on my social media accounts. 

I've changed this up a bit from when this picture was taken back in January. I now only have the first two columns. I've also turned this into a laminated bookmark and use a wet-erase marker to check off my tasks as I go through them.

FYI - the first column is all short-coded with Email accounts/ FB accounts and Blogs that I have to attend to at least every other day, if not daily.

Email: I have 5 accounts. Ogham Creative Media, Country Angel (music), author account, Stampin' Up business and my art account.

FB: These pretty much coordinate with my Email accounts.

Blogs: Again, an email account associated with each one in some form, with the exception of my weightloss journal and the Ozarks Journal. You'll also notice a new acronym at the very bottom. That is my Shawna Kelley blog should I choose to stay with writing erotica or some heat level. I've not decided yet, but it's there for now. Being at the end of the list, easy enough to chop off. Everything else is a constant.

Oh, Twitter - I only have three accounts - Author, Music, Publisher. The publisher one I take care of up front after I've done FB. I pull info from our FB account on our authors and make sure they're plugged into Twitter. My music and my author one are on my phone all the time. I've not been very good about the author one in the past, but I'm trying to get better. Just haven't been able to get a footing on anything this year with so many changes in our household. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster - and I HATE roller coasters LOL.. There - a fact about me I bet you didn't know... And a good thing for a tweet. 

So how long does it take me to go through that check off list? About 90 minutes. But keep in mind... that's not just one account. You should  be able to hit your author account for both Twitter and FB in 30 min. 

For this week, set a timer when you get on any of your social media accounts. Start with 45 minutes and wean yourself down to 30 minutes or less. 

A great on-line timer is - Countdown Timer

The KEY thing to remember is this:

Every minute you spend doing the useless stuff on Social Media (like those silly dog/ cat videos) you are not taking care of business. Not taking care of business is costing you $$$$$.  

Another fun fact... Did you know that most of the top-earning CEO's only check their email twice a day? Once in the morning as they are making their To-Do list for the day then again near the close of day for anything pressing they need to follow up on and to start their list for the next day. 


Don't short your check over a cat video and call it research. 

So this week, make sure you're following me... @AngelaDrakeA. Let's network to make each of us more productive.

Creative Blessings!

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