Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brian Carter

Homicide Detective Brian Carter is 6'4" 190 pounds of solid muscle. Sandy blond hair clipped to department regulation only accentuates his strong, clean shaven, angular jaw and mischievous grin.

Don't let his good looks draw you too close. He only has eyes for Amy Claire and if you're looking for a long night between the sheets, he doesn't have the stamina. Brian takes care of number one. His list of girlfriends is short... those who've left him because they couldn't tolerate his angry outbursts or he dumped them because he couldn't handle their lack of organizational skills. Everything has a place and he strongly suggests you keep that in mind. Don't be leaving your clothes in a trail from the living room to the bedroom unless you like it rough.

Brian's main goal in life is to catch the bad guys. His eye for detail brings him closer every day. Killers, for the most part, are predictable. The details are mandatory if you don't want to get caught, but so easy to slip up on if you get in a hurry. In a way, Brian thinks like a killer. It's what makes him a good detective with a proven track record.

He loves Amy Claire. While his partner, Kevin, makes his way through the female employees in the department, Brian takes his pleasure only with her. The fact that he has to have order and Amy's creative vein leans the other direction is the only real tension between them... well unless you count the fact he just can't wait for her to climax when they make love. When he's inside of her it's like she's sucking the life out of him and he can't wait to breathe.

When Amy becomes a near-victim of the serial killer haunting NewHaven, Brian learns things aren't all they seem with his love life. How would you feel if you found out your woman was sleeping with someone else? To make it worse... it's another woman!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Amy Claire

Amy Claire leads a double life.

At 5'6" and a 125 pounds, her dark brown hair in thick waves brush just past her shoulders. Her soft-spoken voice has a throaty tone when aroused either by passion or anger.
She doesn't like being rushed. Rushing loses the pleasure. Amy follows this sentiment in everything she does - from creating a gown for the Hollywood red carpet to making love. Creatively disorganized, she loves good sex and relaxing baths. The feel of fabric in her hands is sensual. She dislikes wearing clothes but likes the feel of the fabric.

Amy's strength is her creative ability and a head for business. It has taken less than three years for her to put AmyClaire Designs on the fashion map. Her weakness is passion. Not just sex, but the whole package - the feeling you get from a truly pleasurable sexual encounter.

If it's one thing Amy Claire is sure of in her life it's that she is still looking for 'the one'.
At 32, she has only been involved in three serious relationships. The first one ended. Period. The other two... well, they are both serving their purpose at the moment.

To look at Homicide Detective, Brian Carter she should be the envy of every woman alive. While he looks the part of the handsome and attentive boyfriend, Amy knows a darker side to him. And when it comes to sex, he fills the space without providing much pleasure. Not once in their two years together, has she felt satisfied after their lovemaking.

Her fulfillment comes with every visit to Malibu and the beach house she shares with Michelle Preston, trainer to the stars. Though she's never thought of herself as a lesbian, with Michelle, Amy feels pure pleasure in every stroke. It isn't just sex with Michelle, but Amy knows the powerful blonde is not the love of her life either.

One person holds the key but Amy learned the hard way you don't mix business with pleasure. And although Sean Martin shows all the possibilities of being all the pleasure she could want and then some, he's also a business associate in their community service project with Quiet Spirit- a shelter for abused and battered women. His compassion for these women intensifies her feelings for him. She can't help but think he's 'the one'. Only time will tell... time Amy feels is ticking away.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A bit about Death By Design

Someone is leaving the bodies of beautiful women in posh hotel rooms. Are they planned murders or kinky sex games gone wrong? Homicide detective Brian Carter believes it's the work of a serial killer.

Amy Claire's career as a top fashion designer takes her all over the country. Her time is divided between the condo she shares with Brian in NewHaven and the Malibu beach house with Michelle. Involved in two passionate relationships at the same time, she still feels as if something is missing - something she believes only Sean Martin can provide.

A serial killer has a thing for beautiful women... vulnerable women. When Amy comes close to becoming victim number five, Brian learns things about her that hurt more than any duty wound he could receive. Only his training as a detective enables him to put the task of finding the killer ahead of the personal torment raging inside him.