Monday, November 12, 2012

NANOing Along

I took the plunge again this year to play in NanoLand. Have you been there? If not, you really should check out the place. There's still time to at least acquaint yourself with the community and maybe you'll join me next year.

As you know I've been really focused on my freelance writing lately. I live and breath Texas music as well as some classics out of Nashville. So when I got the idea for this year's Nano Novel, I knew that whether it ever sees the light of day or not, wasn't important to me. I just wanted to tell a story. As added incentive, it puts my characters in the heart of the Texas music scene... between Austin and Galveston

Now there's a concept!

Do you remember crushing on an entertainer and wondering what it would be like to have him reciprocate those feelings? Have you ever wondered what would happen if that really happened?

My characters are finding out in Unchained Hearts

It seems back in the late 1980s Alana Cozins, at the age of 19, was in a safe marriage. Meaning she had married a someone she knew would rescue her from her current life. Anything had to be better than a dad walking out on you, a step-father abusing you and a brother whose life seemed to parallel both those characteristics.

Don Cozins is a good man. He's building his insurance company while letting Alana find out who she is in a safe environment. She loves to write and enjoys Top 40 country music. So she begins following the circuit and doing interviews. What she doesn't count on is crushing on Pieces of Eight lead singer, Trey Morison. He is one fine looking cowboy. And as she attends more and more of their shows, she feels as if Trey might feel the same way. It's the old Barbara Mandrell song, Married But Not to Each Other

About the time Alana discovers she is pregnant, Pieces of Eight disbands and the two lose touch.
But don't despair...
Fate will bring them back together. And this time, they are both free to explore the chemistry that has simmered for 25 years.

As I become one of those 'older readers', I find that although I enjoy reading about the twenty-something heroine, I'm not her and in today's world she's not easily relate able to me.  And I know I'm not the only one caught in this time continuum place.  So I wanted to write a story I would enjoy reading. And if somewhere down the line (yep, words from one of my favorite songs and the inspiration behind this story) it sees publication, that's just a bonus.

For now, after a passionate reunion between Alana and Trey, I have a shower scene to write.
Happy Nanoing!