Friday, January 10, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - A New Year with a New Plan

I've had a couple of surprises this morning. First thing I thought of as I got out of bed was that I had not been in here to update you guys. Shame on me! My music blog and my creative blog have been humming with activity this week. But sadly, not here.

The second surprise came when I noticed I had not posted so much as a Merry Christmas since Cara Bristol stopped by in November. Okay... that six weeks I can understand and once I give you a quick rundown, you will too.

I spent the remainder of November scurrying to finish the bedroom remodel and start putting the house in order for the holidays. Right after Thanksgiving I made a trip to Nashville to get my granddaughters for 10 days while my daughter and son-in-law flew to WA state to do a meet and greet for her new job. There are a lot of miles between my home in southeast MO and their new up in northeast WA state. So I had to get in all the grandma love I could. I'm use to seeing my girls whenever I want so this move for them is really hard on grandma and grandpa.

While the girls were here, we hosted a luncheon for the Polish Sinfonia of Krakow Poland and our friends Maestro Steven Byess and his fiance Sara Graef.

After the luncheon my oldest granddaughter, Adrian (6) and I went to the local nursing care facility where the chamber orchestra entertained the residents with some holiday music. This while my supportive husband cleaned up and put food away. Right after the performance, we loaded the girls up and headed to Nashville.

Back from Nashville and time to breathe before we went back to Nashville for Christmas with the girls. They left for Arlington WA on January 7th and are on the road the final 14 hour drive of their journey as I speak. 

Since the new year I've been striving to get blogs on a running schedule, focus on work (and not how far away my babies are!) AND doing JANO with the Sleuth's Ink group. I have basically started my Nano book, Heart on the Line, from scratch. I want the rough draft of this novella finished THIS month. If determination counts for anything...

I have already scheduled blog guests for the coming months beginning in February. I also plan to revamp the blog a bit to make Who I Am and What I Write more clear. (Thanks to the fabulous advice from author Mia Marlowe) Check out her link for some great tips on what to look for when setting up or reconfiguring your blog.

So hang in there. I am! and 

Keep Writing!