Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And the Balloon Pops

You know what happens when you get pins and needles too close to balloons? They have a way of popping. I've been riding around in this balloon of anticipation for eight days. There was no question I'd hear from Mills and Boon. The questions were WHEN and WOULD they want more of Winter's Peace.

Well the wait is over. I received an email kindly rejecting the story. Their comments about my writing were favorable. In fact, they liked the way I write. Their only problem was how I brought Tom and Winter together.

Is that something I can fix? I don't know. One thing I have learned over the years is not to jump right into everything an editor says. Rejection or Acceptance... either way means you let the letter or phone call sit for a bit. Give the editor's comments time to gel. Sometimes we don't always SEE or HEAR what they are really saying. So for the time being, I've forwarded the letter over to my critique partner. Kitty will see things differently than I do. From there I'll decide my next course of action.

In the mean time, will I give up on Winter and Tom? Not hardly. I know it's a good story. I also know from past experience that if an editor sees something, it's worth taking a second look at... after it's had time to breathe.

And right now that sounds like good advice. I'm just going to take a step back and...


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pins and Needles

I've often dreamed of the day when I'd be waiting anxiously to hear from an editor. It happened once before in my publishing pursuit. But this time is different. I know Sheila Hodgson of Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical romance is looking for new authors.

I met Sheila about eight years ago. She told me if I could write a romance, I could write a medical romance. So on the drive from Denver, story ideas formed in my mind. For some silly reason I knew my Heroine's name had to be Winter. Well... you can't have a Winter without incorporating the other three seasons, so The Seasonal Sisters Series was born. However, I failed to recognize one little detail. Both the Hero AND Heroine had to be in the medical profession. I wrote Winter as a park ranger. When I realized this little snag, I wasn't sure I wanted to or could change her profession. So instead of finishing her story, I closed the binder and moved on to a new story. Amazing things can happen when a request comes down the pike.

I heard from a dear friend that M & B was looking for new authors. Not only were they looking but they were responding within in the same time frame they requested the submissions. Opportunities like that are almost unheard of in this business. I couldn't let it pass without at least trying. So Winter's Peace came out of storage. In eleven days I rewrote most all of the story, polished the first three chapters and revamped the two-page synopsis. They were long 10-12 hour days spent at the keyboard. I'm happy with the way the story is shaping up. I think the conflict is stronger so that's always a good thing.

It's been a week since I submitted the first three chapters. Now I wait. I'm suppose to hear something by month's end. I'm glad there isn't much of the month left. LOL

Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome Constance O'Banyon

I am so very pleased and honored to have Historical author Constance O'Banyon with us today.

After you've had a chance to chat with Constance, please visit...

http://brendagaylesreviews.webs.com/ for a great review of Wolf Runner.

Thanks for being here, Constance. :-)

Hello to everyone,

It is really hot here in Houston today. Luckily I am stuck at the computer writing the third book in an Indian series. Several people wanted me to write Firethorn's story. Firethorn is Wolf Runner's best friend, and came alive in Wolf Runner's book.

At this time, I am selling my house here in Houston and moving back to San Antonio. For those of you who do not know, my husband, Jim, passed a month and a half ago--we had been married for 54 years. If any of you have ever tried to write while a realtor is showing the house, you will know what I have to look forward to. Thank goodness for my career. It has helped me through a difficult and heartbreaking time.

Wolf Runner is one of my favorite characters. I love a tortured hero, and he was confused because he had to walk with one foot in the white world and the other in the Indian world.

My favorite part of writing is the research. Sometimes I become so submerged in research I find myself pulling stacks of books out of my bookshelf and curling up for a whole afternoon. I am interested in so many subjects, which is probably the reason I have written everything from mysteries, suspense, westerns, England, Scotland and Egypt, etc. Of course, my second favorite part of putting a book together is visiting the site I am writing about.

Last summer I poked around in Santa Fe, NM a part of Wolf Runner takes place there. I would love to set down with each of you, for nothing inspires me as much as talking to kindred spirits--those who love to read as much as I do.

By the way, how many of you have the Sony or Kindle readers? Although my books are sold to that market, I still like to have a book in my hand, dog-ear the pages, lay it face down. No doubt I will acquire one before long. I am always late catching up with electronics.

Thank you Angela for inviting me to your blog.

Holding Pattern

We are still having Constance O'Banyon as a Guest Blogger today. Constance and I are experiencing some technical difficulties but we're almost there. Make yourself comfortable, help yourself to refreshments and she'll be here soon.

Thank you for your patience :-)