Monday, March 28, 2016


Sometimes, an author has to drift through the ranks and industry before finding where they belong. For the longest time I thought writing romance meant I had to have in depth love scenes to sell a book. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the story calls for something a little more than just listening through the keyhole.

For me, I'm finding what I enjoy writing the most, are the same types of movies I enjoy watching on television. The sweet, lasting kind of love. Love that comes from the heart first. Hallmark type stories.

My phrase has always been 'Love is sweeter the second time'. I still believe that. Whether that means a renewed love with an old flame or finding a new 'soul mate' after the loss of someone special.

Changes are also happening here on the home front. The schedule Bob has worked with for the past eleven years is changing.. along with a move to a new company. His schedule change means shifts in how I do my routine here at home.

So until he finds his footing with the new job, I am putting this blog on Hiatus. The time off will give me the opportunity to clean house here, brighten the place up a bit and reveal a softer side of Angela Drake... the side I want to market to editors, agents and most importantly, my readers.

When I do come back, I will be lining up guest spots and hoping to be a guest for others. I will also be offering something for FREE available only to my subscribers. So while you are here, please submit your address in the place given on my sidebar so you do not miss out.

I hope you'll pop in on occasion and watch my social media sites - @AngelaDrakeA (twitter) and

Creative Blessings!