Wednesday, May 31, 2017


NOTE from my desk: While I have not attended most of the conferences I showcase, I have heard excellent comments regarding their offerings. Please check their website thoroughly and if you have any questions, use the contact information on their page. 

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I apologize for not having a graphic to share for this conference. However, I think if you click HERE
you will be amazed at one this one-day conference has to offer.

I just found this conference while searching for ones to feature during the month of June. The offer prize money for the contests and they have something I've not seen at any other conference - a PORTFOLIO category for graphics artists.

Unless children's books are your genre of choice, as writers we don't often think about the graphics side of this business. I am thrilled to see a conference shining a light on this area.

I am unable to attend this year due to family obligations and I don't have time to put anything together for competition. Too many other things to do before I go after my grandbabies on the June 7th. But by all means, check out this conference, enter the contests and be prepared for what looks like a full day of great information.

CONTEST DEADLINE: June 10th - Submitted via E-MAIL

Keynote: Brian A. Klems - On-line Editor for Writer's Digest

There are also Pitch Sessions and Critique Sessions available. Sign-ups are on the website.

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