Wednesday, January 30, 2019

WEDNESDAY REVIEW - Hot Target Cowboy

HOT TARGET COWBOY is Book 2 in the Dark Horse Cowboys series by June Faver.  If there is one thing June knows, it's cowboys. She is from Texas, after all.

His loyalty is to his family.
But his heart belongs to her.
Eldest son Colt Garrett is the biggest, strongest and steadiest of the Garrett brothers. Colt accepts his responsibilities, knowing his future is tied to the land. Colt has stayed centered-but when he falls in love, he falls hard. He is mesmerized by Misty Dalton, the younger sister of one of his brother's friends.
Misty Dalton has held together a family plagued with problems since her mother passed away. But when the threats to her family turn deadly, Misty turns to Colt. If anybody wants to hurt Misty, they're going to have to go through the toughest of the Garrett boys first.

June Faver is one of my 'favorite' authors. Not only has she been a good friend and mentor for over thirteen years, but the woman can write! Proven through her multi-book contract with Sourcebooks in the Casablanca line as well as through the many workshops she has held at SavvyAuthors.  She is always up on trends in the industry and shares her finds with others so we are right up there with her.

But you're here about the book, HOT TARGET COWBOY.

I have to be honest, when she first told me the title, I was skeptical. I'm still not sure the title fits but once you get beyond that and into the story, you are once again carried away to Texas and the Garret compound. A ranch grown from grief and from love, forming a tight bond between the brothers as well as Big Jim, the father they love and respect. The Garrets are all about family... their own and others who might need a little help.

With that in mind, I was not surprised to see Colt, the oldest of the three Garrets, jump in to rescue Misty Dalton. He began by connecting with her younger brother, Mark. As soon as he made friends with the boy, I knew here was a hero I would want in my corner. He knew from the get-go Misty and Mark were part of a package... one he wanted to cherish. 

Through the twists and turns of the usual murders and suspense found in June's books, I found myself in love with Colt, just like I fell for Tyler in book one. 

Returning characters from Book 1 (Do Or Die Cowboy) include Leah. Leah married Tyler in Book 1 and is still showing her spitfire gumption when she stands up for Misty against Big Jim. You'll find not many stand up to that man without a bit of backfire. 

While you don't have to read the books in order, I recommend picking them both up. While you're at it, follow June Faver on the social media sights listed below so you will know when Book 3 - Full Throttle Cowboy - releases. 

I'm giving this book 5 quills not because June is a dear friend but because I LOVED the book... and I think you will too. 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019


I will be bringing the author spotlight back, probably in a couple of weeks. The return will be based on when I can get Q & A back from authors. I didn't want to interrupt anyone's holiday season with office stuff. I'm contacting a couple of people today and will get the ball rolling.

In the mean time, I hope you'll come back tomorrow to check out my review of HOT TARGET COWBOY by June Faver. This is the second in her Garret family series.

Monday, January 28, 2019


I love the holidays. I really need that time to just chill. Let my brain filter through the clutter and be prepared to start a new year fresh.

I've been working in the background on several things. Sadly, very little on Book 2 of the Planned to Perfection series. While I know I have a self-imposed deadline for writing/ edits/ betas/ polish/ publishing I just can't seem to drag myself to the computer when Bob is home. He is my real life HERO and he ALWAYS comes first in my life. Not by his choice, but by mine.

Beginning today, I'm pulling out the yet untitled Book 2, set a new word count plan into action and get back to the book. I still need to research meetings with a couple of people.

I don't think I've told any of you yet, but Book 2 is centered around a young couple brought back together (there's that 2nd chance thing) through the events surrounding bringing home the remains of a Korean War Vet. I got the idea two years ago as I stood by the side of the road in solemn respect of a procession carrying Crpl. Donald Matney home to Seymour MO. Something about this young man spoke to me. While I've never believed in visiting someone at a cemetery, I find myself stopping by his resting place almost every time I travel through on my way to Springfield.

They say 'write what you know'. Many of my stories are influenced by my own personal experiences. I'm struggling with Book 2 because I really don't have anything to pull from. The other challenge I have is making sure I get all of the military information correct. I do not want to dishonor our service men and women by misrepresenting something. 

Now that Bob is back on the boat, I can dig deep into the research without being pulled away to fix dinner or go somewhere. Bob is planning to stay on the boat as long as they will let him so I know I have at least three solid weeks (okay probably only two since he will have been gone a week tomorrow). As much as I love having him home, I'm hoping he'll be gone 4-5 weeks this time out. I'll get caught up, maybe even a little ahead of the game and on a schedule again so I can be productive in short bursts when he is home.

 I'm off to research. 
Creative Blessings!