Wednesday, October 3, 2018


My first book in print and I couldn't even get excited yesterday. After the company left on Monday I got a few things done but just chilled with Bob for the most part. Then yesterday I was sick. Just didn't care. How sad is that?!  I tried working through the morning then finally just crawled into my recliner with the afghan and slept for a solid 4 hours. Hubby fixed supper and did the dishes. Yep, he is my true-life hero.

First off, when I placed the order for the books, Amazon did grant me my 2-day free shipping (thank Goddess!) but gave me a delivery date of October 11... the day I need to leave for the Ozarks Creative Writers conference! So yeah, that had me nervous. So I was puzzled when UPS brought the box yesterday. Nothing on the outside gave any indication the package was from Amazon, just multiple strips of tape that said HEAVY on all the sides of the box. 

First thing I did was get out the box cutter to uncover the mystery and was quite surprised at the contents. I opened one to make sure the corrections I'd made were in place then left the box on the deck for Bob to carry into the office when he came home.

And there it sits. Nothing really to do with the books at the moment. I do need to take an autographed copy to my proofreader and a donated copy to the local library. I have 4 copies sold at the bank. Just need to take them in. 

Now that company is out of the way - for a few days - and I'm feeling better, my first goal is to get marketing sheets off to local newspapers. I know they should have been done sooner but I was afraid to jinx something. 

Now my next few days are all about getting the giveaways done for the conference. Are you coming? There's still time to register for the Ozarks Creative Writers conference (see link on sidebar). I do know that the block of rooms at Inn of the Ozarks are sold out but there may be rooms elsewhere available. There are also several hotels within a 2 mile driving distance as well as many cottages and B & B's if you want to treat yourself. We'd love to have you!