Monday, April 8, 2019



You'd think I fell off the face of the earth! Honestly, I can tell you what happened.

I'd love to say I was buried in the book, but I wasn't. I fell down a completely different rabbit hole but one I think I really needed right now.

When I'm not writing, I am a paper artists. I love playing with paper. Whether I'm scrapbooking, making cards or in my most recent adventure... junk journals. I am in love with the creative process. I am also a Stampin' UP! demonstrator trying to at least make enough from my business to support my habit. ;-)

I took an Art Journal Plotting workshop through the FF&P RWA chapter. Wow! Was that ever fun... and opened up the floodgates to the story I want to tell. I've been piecing the story together through art journaling! Who knew plotting could be so creative?

Apparently, author Shea MacLeod does and she happily shared her process through the workshop. I'll be having Shea as a guest very soon. We're just needing to set a date.

In the mean time, I have the art journal open. I've been adding street maps and pictures of Eureka Springs, a town I know so very well (I've even written an award-winning travel article), yet when I start writing the story some of the important details get lost.

I'm taking part in Camp Nano. I'm a few days behind.. what's new? LOL But ast least I feel as if I can move forward.

I have some other guests in the planning stages and I want to start a new series.. The Writers Nook. Through this series we'll get to see where writers create and what inspires them to put butt in chair/ hands on keyboard (BIC HOK) to get their stories told.

Off to get stuff off the table and start writing!