Friday, October 28, 2011

Fast Five with Gordon Warnock

Gordon Warnock is the Senior Agent with the Andrea Hurst Literary Agency. He combines his knowledge of the industry with a sharp editorial eye. He’s also fun to visit with. He attends as many conferences as his schedule allows so if you have the opportunity to meet him, GO!

1. How do you select what conferences to attend?
I’m usually asked and have a hard time saying no. I also look at conferences that have been recommended to me by other agents and editors.

2. In my pitch workshop, I encourage authors to not waste time getting a requested submission out. Then you spoke about there not being a ‘statute of limitations’ on a request. Would you clarify, please?
If they learn something at the conference that can make that submission better, then I would prefer they took the time to put that knowledge to use before sending me something. Quality is more important than Time.

3. What is the biggest mistake you see made during pitch sessions?
Not relaxing. We are human, just like you are. And being prepared.

4. Personal favorite read? Non-work related?
Stories that inspire me, shorts or flash pieces and stories that push the art form.

5. Favorite comfort food?
Carbs and cheese. I attended one of those BBQ cook-off events with friends and found I enjoy good BBQ.

I had a great time chatting with Gordon at the Ozark Creative Writers conference. He gave an informative presentation and I look forward to networking with him again. Thanks Gordon!

NOTE: The above answers are paraphrased from our quick conversation and not ‘direct’ quotes.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fast Five with Marissa St. James

Welcome to a beautiful Friday in Eureka Springs AR. I love this little town. I am at the Ozark Creative Writers conference and running behind after a beautiful 3.5 mile walk through the Historic District.

So, today I'm sharing with you a talented writer. I've known Marissa for over fifteen years. I hope you'll enjoy this glimpse of what she has to over then scoot over to her Website and Blog.

Here's a little bit about Marissa St. James:
Marissa St James is a lifelong New England resident. She began writing as a hobby when she was a teenager then turned it into a career after earning a degree in Humanities. She is an avid reader and when she has time enjoys a variety of crafts. Marissa has written several romance novels as well as a collection of paranormal short stories. You can visit Marissa at Marissa St. James and her blog at Marissa's Meanderings.

#1 – How long did you work on Highland Eyes before it saw publication?
Actually Highland Eyes was my second writing project but was the first to see publication. It took about a year to get it ready for submission. The Legend and the Laird was my first attempt at writing and took ten years, off and on, to complete.

#2 – McKinley’s Jewel is your newest release. What is your favorite part of the story?
I would say later in the story when David finally realizes just what Bonnie-Jean means to him.

#3 - What do you like best about writing time travel?

It’s a challenge to combine ‘old’ ways and modern thinking to come up with something that’s compatible and makes sense. I’ve always been fascinated with medieval times and I like trying to blend in some of those events with modern ‘intrusions.’ It’s also fun to have medieval characters shocked at modern day conveniences and attitudes.

#4 – If you could travel back in time, what would you most like to experience?
This is a toughie. I think I’d like to try a little of everything. Kind of like looking at a table with all those tempting desserts. You have to have a bite of everything.

#5 – What is the most helpful piece of writing advice you ever received and how has it helped you?
When you have an idea just write. Don’t worry about it being correct the first time around. That’s what first drafts are for.

This is one of the hard ones for me yet the most important and productive. Editing is my day job so I tend to fix things as soon as I realize they need fixing. It saves a little time on the next round but you have to be very good with the basics to pick up errors as they’re made.


“Candace just told me the place is haunted. She said she heard a voice begging for help, somewhere around the portrait gallery.”
“And you believe her.” Bonnie-Jean glanced up at him, one delicately shaped brow raised in question.
Andrew shrugged. The man was nothing if not gullible when an attractive woman was involved. He wasn’t a handsome man but sometimes Bonnie-Jean wondered if he couldn’t use a bit more confidence when it came to the more devious gender.
“Look, Andrew,” Bonnie-Jean put down her notebook and folded her hands on top of it. “I know how much you like Candace, but do yourself a favor and don’t believe everything she tells you.”
Andrew’s expression was one of attempted denial, but Bonnie-Jean knew better. “Do you want to file a complaint about the supposed haunting?”
“I suppose not. The laird would undoubtedly find it absurd.”

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Fast Five Winner!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out my new blog feature. You're really going to enjoy who I have on tap for next week.

This week's winner of Eliza's new release, Wicked Lord, is Jennifer! Congratulations, Jennifer. I'll get you hooked up with Eliza so you may collect your eBook.

Until next week...
Happy Reading!