Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sean Martin

Sean Martin makes Amy itch in all the right places. Is it because he's the best looking thing she's seen cross her path? Is it his sensual smile or those dark eyes - eyes some refer to as 'Eyes of the Devil'? Or maybe it's because he's off-limits in her book of professional ground rules... Don't Mix Business with Pleasure. She has no doubt any time spent in the arms of Sean Martin would be all pleasure but he's an important business associate.

Aside from owning the hottest club in New Haven, Midnight Blues, he is also a good Samaritan. Sean has been working with several other business in conjunction with Quiet Haven, a shelter for abused women. His brainchild is to help get these women back on their feet. His vast wealth of community resources helps them find jobs and begin to build their lives and self-worth. The last part is where Amy comes in. Prototypes of her practical garment pieces are donated to the shelter so the women have the right clothes when they go on job interviews. Amy is so enamoured with his idea, she has gotten designers all across the country to reach out to shelters in their own cities. It's a worthy business connection she doesn't want to jeopardize with a night between the sheets.

Sean sees women come through the doors of his club all the time. Some are happily attached to a partner, others are content to sit at the bar and drown their sorrows in drink or look for something better than what they have at home. He feels sorry for the latter group, knowing somewhere down the road they might be one of the newest members of Quiet Haven... or maybe a late client of New Haven's finest homicide detective.

Is he the soul mate Amy searches for?
Is he the good Samaritan he appears to be?
Or does someone more sinister lurk behind those devilish dark eyes and sensual smile?