Monday, July 27, 2020

CURRENT PROJECT - #amwriting

Writing is pretty much all I can accomplish these days, though even long periods at the keyboard are a struggle at the moment.

This was supposed to be last week's post but I've been down with my back for over a week. Before that I managed to drop a battery operated chain saw on my right foot plus torqued my back taking out the trash. That was the beginning of this more than a week-long aggravation.

While the swelling has subsided in my foot and most of the lovely purple tones are gone, the back is still being a pain - literally.  So bear with me, please as being at the desk isn't the most comfortable right now.
At the moment, I'm working to get back into my story. I'm making notes as things come to me and I've been taking the free webinars on Scrivener. Every time I watch one of Joseph's webinars I learn something different - like watching a movie over and over and noticing something you may have missed the first five times you saw the same movie. 

This week, as time allows, I want to move all of my research links into the Scrivener file.
If you don't know, the program allows you to save links under research and open them up RIGHT IN THE PROGRAM... not as a separate browser window.  The feature will also help me to better organize the links as opposed to the way I have them now - all in one multi-page word doc.

Moving the links is going to be quite a task but something I can work on little by little between naps, thanks to the pain meds I'm on until this nerve finally decides to lighten up and let me get back to my regular routine.

If you don't have Scrivener, I recommend at least taking Joseph's webinars to get a feel for the program to see if it's something you'd like. L&L often offers the program up at a discount for those who finish NanoWrimo as well as a 30-day Free Trial, so you're able to play with it during Nano before making a committed purchase.

If you'd like to join Joseph's email list so you'll know when new webinars are coming up, shoot him an email -

More to get done today if I'm to spend TWO DEDICATED HOURS each evening to working on my book. I'm anxious to see this one in print, as well as three & four, which I already have outlined.

Have you used Scrivener? Please share your feedback about the program.


Friday, July 17, 2020

THE WRITER'S NEST - Cynthia D' Alba

Today's guest is Cynthia D' Alba.

I first met Cynthia about six years ago at one of the last Romantic Times conventions. I was thrilled to spend eight days in Dallas. I won a drawing from Cynthia... a gorgeous rustic metal windchime. I treasure the item, which fits well with my writing nest decor. I'll show a picture later in this post. 

For now, let's check in with Cynthia:

Thank you so much for joining us today, Cynthia.

First off, we don't have any pictures of Cynthia's Writing Nest... not a lot to share there. However, she does share her Nest in the questions below. What Cynthia does show is that our 'nest' can be anywhere that's comfortable for us... even if it's nothing more than your lap and a comfy place to sit. 

Describe your writing nest? My lap! What I mean by that is I write anywhere I can sit down and put my computer in my lap. I have an “office” but I’ve filled it with embroidery machines and thread (my hobby.) Usually I write in my living room on the couch or in the tv room in my la-ze-boy recliner.

What is it about this space that inspires you? I like the living room better because I have scented candles that I burn when I write. There’s something about the scent of a candle that makes me want to write. I think I’ve trained my brain!

Has finding your space been an evolving journey? How so? Since I’ve started writing, I have literally moved all over two houses to find the right spot. I’ve sat at desks (2 different ones.) I’ve tried writing at a table. I written by hand and by computer entry. The only thing that works for me is dead silence and my lap. I have to let the “movie” in my head run while I transcribe the action.

Anything you would change? I wish I had a writing partner. Not someone to write my books with me, but someone writing their book in the same room. I am inspired by other writers.

What advice would you give to someone looking to build their own nest? What works for me probably won’t work for you. Don’t be afraid to try different places. Some writers love coffee shops. Some love having a tribe to work with. Some work well teaming up with other writers online and doing sprints. Be comfortable where you write. But the bottom line is that you have to find what works for you.

 Cynthia is sharing a blurb from her book:

When a Navy SEAL runs into an obstacle, he climbs over it, under it, around it, or destroys it. So what if it's a woman?

Master Chief Benjamin Blackwell has it all. Adventure, good looks, skills, and women. His life is perfect and he has no intention of changing a thing. Until her.

Holly Maxwell is a sexy woman unlike anyone he’s met before. A widow for ten years, she’s happy with her life even with the trials of raising a pre-teen daughter, and being the only girl in a nosy, boisterous family of Coronado cops.

But what makes her so inexplicable to this Navy SEAL is her total lack of interest in him...

Thank you for joining us today, Cynthia.

You can purchase CONFIRMED BACHELOR as well as other books from Cynthia through the following links:


You will find Cynthia D' Alba on the following Social Media channels:


As a Texas\ Bluegrass/Traditional Country music promoter, 

this wind chime couldn't have been more perfect for my office.

Thank you, Miss Cynthia!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

THURSDAY TIP - from June Faver

June Faver has lots of advice to offer writers. After having written every day for the pasts 3,946 days, she has to have learned some things, right?

In the past she has told us to 'write every day- no matter what'

Today, she offers this sage advice:

 Avoid backstory in the first few pages. 
Grab the reader with the first paragraph 

The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever (Garrett Family Saga Book 1) by [June Faver]

Need an example, read any of her previous books. You can also pre-order The Best Cowboy Christmas, Ever

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


I know I've had June Faver on here several times but with the release of her newest book up for pre-order, I just had to bring her back to the spotlight. 

June is a prolific author in every sense of the word. She has written every day for 11 years come September. Even when she was hospitalized or had needles poked in her eyes, she has written no less than 100 words per day. In fact, she is so prolific that it wasn't until recently she found out she had 'deadline's with her publisher. She had always turned in her manuscripts and revisions way ahead of expected dates. 

June Faver is my inspiration and my hero... besides being an awesome friend.

Here newest book, The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever, releases in September but you can PRE-ORDER now. This story takes us back to the Garrett ranch. We'll make new friends while visiting with some of our favorite characters from previous books. 

Monday, July 13, 2020

CATCHING UP - Back to Writing!

After three months of not working on my book, I'm finally getting back to writing Marc and Katie's story. I'm not actually putting words to paper this week. Instead, I'm getting back into the story by rewatching the videos, reading the news links and listening to my playlist. 

I need to enter their world before I can take you along. 

I learned last week that the Ozark Creative Writers conference for October has been canceled - thanks to Covid-19.   Just saying that makes me want to rant, but I won't. We each have our opinions. I'll keep mine to myself. 

Friday, I received a call from Inn of the Ozarks asking if I wanted to cancel my reservation or move to next year. I opted to cancel for now. Instead, when we deem it safe, I'll make a new reservation (hopefully for the fall) and hide out for 3 or 4 days to do the final edits of this book. When I'm ready, maybe they will be a bit more open and I can enjoy the peace & tranquility. Time will tell.

In the mean time, I'm going to travel back there through An Ozarks Soldier's Homecoming.

We have Cynthia D' Alba in The Writer's Nest this week. I think the world of this lady and I look forward to showing you inside her space.

The Brigands (The Texicans Book 1) by [Parris Afton Bonds]

I am also currently reading The Brigands by Parris Afton Bonds. If I can get that read before Wednesday I'll have my review posted, otherwise that will run the following week. If you know anyting of Texas history, I'm sure you'll enjoy the book.

I have a new Blog Editorial calendar that I'm rolling out and hoping to keep me on track. I have 19 days til Bob comes home. Let's make this work!

Happy Reading!

Friday, June 19, 2020

THE WRITER'S NEST - Linda Broday

Today's guest in The Writer's Zone is the every-talented Linda Broday

Thank you for joining me today and inviting my readers into your Writing Nest.

1 – Describe your writing nest?

I suppose you’d call it traditional. I have a large desk that my PC sets on with room for my well-used dictionary and snacks. Above my desk is a clock and a small plaque that says Life is a Journey. Enjoy it! To my right is my Texas wall that is very important to me. Directly behind is a good-sized window that provides plenty of light. Lining the top of the walls are some of my book covers. Small shelves hold my research books. Then of course, I have my printer and my Writer of the Year and National Readers’ Choice Awards.

 2 – What is it about this space that inspires you?

It’s light and airy. In fact, I rarely have to use my overhead light. Creativity seems to flow in this room and I just feel very happy and comfortable in here. Thoughts and ideas spring to life when I sit down and I can feel a certain energy moving around me that transports me to the 1800s.

3 – Has finding your space been an evolving journey? How so?

No, I knew from the first my nest would be in this room and it just fit. I moved in here in November 2019 and from Day 1 my heart was happy. It simply fits.

4 – Anything you would change?

If I could, I would move my desk facing the window but that’s impossible since a built-in space heater is below. The only other thing I would possible change would be the view out the window. Oh man, I’d love to have some mountains out there! And a tall, rugged cowboy to hand me drinks and fan me all day. But alas, there’s nothing I can do about either of those. Darn it!

5 – What advice would you give to someone looking to build their own nest?

Find a place that suits you. A lot of authors are comfortable writing outside or on the sofa. If that’s you, then go for it. Wherever you decide, have the essentials around you so you won’t have to constantly get up and down. You never want to interrupt your creative zone if you can help it.

Linda is sharing a blurb from one of her books with us today. This is Book 3 in the Outlaw Mail Order Brida series:


When three young children show up on outlaw Tait Trinity's doorstep, he knows he can't help them—a wanted man has no business raising kids. And yet he can't bring himself to turn them away. At a loss, he sends for the mail order bride he'd been writing to, hoping the demure dressmaker will be the answer to his prayers.

Melanie Dunbar is nothing like the bride Tait was expecting. She's rough and tumble...and hiding an ulterior motive. Dangerous men have taken her sister hostage, and if Melanie wants to see her alive, she'll have to betray her new husband. There's only one problem—the more time she spends with Tait, the more she comes to care for him. Yet as the noose begins to tighten, Melanie will have to make a terrible choice: save her sister...or the man she loves.

Thank you again, Linda, for joining us today. Love your space and look forward to binge-reading this series.

You will find Linda at the following social media locations:


Purchase your copy of all of Linda's books through the following links:



Tuesday, June 16, 2020

COMING SOON - Linda Broday

Today seems like a good day as any to test the new Blogger platform. At least I will have the opportunity to fix anything that doesn't process properly before the June Writer's Nest post on Friday.

Linda Broday is my very special guest on Friday. 
I had the opportunity to meet Linda at the Ozark Creative Writers conference last year. She came as Jodi Thomas' traveling companion. Her appearance was so low-key I didn't even realize she was at the conference until Saturday night when I invited her and Jodi to join my table for the banquet. 

Linda is such a delightful lady. She doesn't talk much but you can tell she is taking everything in. Having dinner with her was such a joy. 

In the mean time, I got a reprieve. Bob worked a week over and will be home tomorrow. The studio is progressing. His delay gave me the opportunity to do some garden work but now I have to really push to finish. Serves me right! LOL

If you'd like to curl up with a good read between now and Friday, I highly recommend this fabulous read from Linda. The Mail Order Bride's Secret is Book 3 in the Outlaw Mail Order Bride series.

I will see you back here on Friday. Please tell your friends to stop by and see where Linda Broday pens her wonderful stories!

Happy Reading!