Thursday, November 30, 2023



Hi everyone!

A quick catch-up. 
I planned to be in here before this but between trying to get my studio in order before the holidays, spending time with my MSP (Most Supportive Person), work on my Nano project, and not feeling up to my usual Go Go Go energy, it's been a bit... tiring. 

Things are getting back on course.

One of my blogging problems this past year was that I didn't have the social media planner I normally work with. I thought I could muddle through with a different planner - as in keeping everything in one. As you can see, that hasn't worked.  I'll be doing a video and blog post soon on my 2024 planner line-up and how I've found planner peace. Planner Peace, like the Santa and M & Ms commercial touts, really does exist. 

I hoped to be back several weeks ago with the Author Spotlight and book reviews. Those will officially be returning next week when I kick off the Christmas season with a new book from Kit Morgan and a surprise for you on Wednesday.  I hope you'll join me.

All my best!
~ Angela

Monday, November 27, 2023


 Good morning, friends!

All my best!

Monday, November 20, 2023


 Good morning, everyone!

All my best!

Monday, November 13, 2023


 Good morning!

All my best!

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

NANOWRIMO - Week 1 Wrap -Up

Good morning, friends.

Thought I'd pop in and give you a Week 1 progress. 

Last year, I couldn't have done this. I just couldn't get into Nano or into the story I needed to be writing.

This year is different. I finally have the desire to actually write this story.

NOTE: As I type this, it's Day 6 and I've not written yet today or on Day 7 But I wanted to get this up.

I talked about Double Down Day and the amazing word count I had for that day. 3445. Seriously?!

The important thing is that I've written EVERY SINGLE DAY. Word count has been better some days better than others. I'm going to show you what I've done and I'll try my best to come in to update the daily word counts here.

DAY 1 - 1842

DAY 2- 915

DAY 3- 150

DAY 4- 3448

DAY 5- 322

DAY 6-

DAY 7 -

Week 1 Total: 

Aside from setting up the Preptober Planner, I also got another tip from Sarra. Like her, I like to get out of the house one day a week for a ME day. I go to my favorite coffee shop and work on my planners... or in the case of NANOWRIMO, I work on my story.

She uses one of those 4x6 pocket brag books to tuck her index cards in to... making her story board more portable than on the key ring she also uses. 

So I pulled out my story board and slid my index Chapter/ Scene cards into a brag book I had here at home. Keep in mind, you can pick them up for $1.25 at $Tree or sometimes $.99 at WM. 

 I can use the story board here at home or if I'm going on a retreat weekend and want the larger showcase of the chapters but for short trips, this brag book style is a game changer for keeping my index cards/ chapter prompts at my finger tips. 

Are you participating in Nano? How are you doing?  Need some encouragement? Just buddy up with me - RainLyte on the Nano forum. 

All my best!


Tuesday, November 7, 2023


National Novel Writing Month is here again! I almost look as forward to Nano as I do any holiday of the year - except for maybe Halloween. 

I really put my best foot forward this year. As crazy as September and October was for me, I was determined that November would be about writing. 

I started by taking days in October to really go through the Preptober Planner by Sarra Cannon. I printed out all 95 pages, made notes on the book, decorated the tracking pages and got in the mind set that I would be writing in November.

While the planner is primarily for NanoWriMo, there is a lot of 'plan of attack' tips in the booklet as well. You can get your free download by subscribing to her mailing list. With that you have access to all of her other great writing tools. She will update the Camp Nano Planner in March of 2024.

Here is the video for her Preptober Planner 2023. Links to her website so you can get yours is in her description box.

Book 2 of the Planned to Perfection series is coming along, finally. I figured out my problem.
I was putting all of my attention into the crafting for the etsy shop and not immersing myself in things writing. 
So, while I'm still crafting, I'm also back to watching the writing videos and sprinting with folks on YouTube again.... every day! Even if I only get 200-300 words, it's more than I've written in a long time.  I took part in Double Down Day on Saturday and wrote over 3400 words!!! My goal was 3400.

If you aren't familiar, Double Down Day is the first Saturday of each month where you try to double your best word count for the week in a single day. I was tired by 8 p.m. but proud for having done what I sat out to do. I didn't give up. That's why I thought yesterday's Thoughtful Monday was so appropriate.

Are you doing, Nano? If so, share your goal/ progress below. And if you'd like to buddy up - you'll find me as Rainlyte on the nano boards.

All my best!
~ Angela


Monday, November 6, 2023


 Good morning.

Coming in late this morning.  September and October were just NUTS! November with National Novel Writing month isn't looking any less busy.

We'll talk about Nano, tomorrow for a Week 1 wrap up.

~All my best