Tuesday, July 5, 2022


 Good morning!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. If you didn't watch the video I posted yesterday morning, please go back and watch. I think that scene is a Hallmark movie in the making!

We're continuing our Something Blue series today, with author Janice Lynn.

As you'll note from her bio, Janice is a very busy lady.

USA Today Bestselling author Janice Lynn has a Masters in Nursing from Vanderbilt University and works as a nurse practitioner in a small-town family practice. She lives in the southern United States with her husband and ever-expanding family, including an adorable Maltese named Halo.

After writing for Harlequin for over a decade, she has expanded to sweet romance and is excited about her Hallmark Publishing releases featuring the Quilt of Valor Foundation. As a Blue Star Mom, the organization is near and dear to her heart.

Janice has won numerous awards including the National Reader’s Choice Award, the Golden Quill, the Holt Medallion Award of Meri, and RT Book Club’s The American Title Contest. She has also been a finalist in prestigious contests such as The Golden Heart, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and Book Buyers Best. She’s a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly best-selling author.


Lacey Collier had been dreaming of walking down the aisle to Luke Evans all her life. Only, she’d hoped they’d be the bride & groom rather than Maid of Honor and Best Man in her brother’s wedding. Could a weekend wedding in the mountains have him finally realizing she’s all grown up and worth taking a chance on love with?

I loved this story. Very reminiscent of how slow men can be when it comes to women. Spoiler alert - In true Hallmark fashion, Luke figures it out eventually - like they always do. 

Janice has a new book coming out in October:

Wrapped Up In Christmas Hope is Book 3 in the Wrapped Up In Christmas series. 
Book 2 - Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy

Morgan’s late husband was a daredevil…and now she’s a widowed single mom. All she wants now is to set up a stable life for herself and her son in the small town of Pine Hill, Kentucky.

Andrew’s a firefighter who thrives on the rush of saving others. His secret dream is to become a smokejumper and fight raging wildfires across the country. But it’ll mean leaving his hometown and the people who rely on him.

Morgan and Andrew are drawn together as they both volunteer to make quilts for veterans at the local quilt shop. Morgan’s son looks up to Andrew, and Morgan can’t help but notice how good Andrew is with him. Meanwhile, Andrew’s torn between his ambition and his growing attraction to Morgan. They both have choices to make about their future…and about each other.

You may order your copy by clicking on any of the following links:


You can find Janice Lynn by following any of the links below:


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Monday, July 4, 2022

MONDAY MOTIVATION - Let the Writing Begin!

Good morning, everyone!

I'm writing this on Sunday. I know what my week is going to look like and I'm trying to get ahead of business so once Bob leaves, I can focus on two main areas. 

I took this weekend for a personal retreat in a hotel away from household duties and distractions to really get some hard outlining done, both in my HB90 planner (I'm using a mini from Happy Planner with a pretty gold outer cover) and on An Ozarks Homecoming. 

After fighting this manuscript so much, then losing the flash drive (which I found), I decided to take a new approach.  While at the BTP Conference last month, I met author Renee George. Neat gal. While I'm not a fan of the 4-letter word, her two planner/ workbooks intrigued me. I came home and ordered this one:

I do like her 'outlining' layout so I'm approaching this round with a fresh perspective and seeing if that helps get the story moving. I'm not an outline kind of writer but this is more about 'what points do you need to hit in this story' then take it from there. 

Her book is also based on a 3-book plan, which is exactly what I have left to write in this series.

* write every day for Camp Nano beginning July 5th (Bob leaves that morning)
* start process on organizing the stamp (creative) collection - it will be a process
* Use HB90 planner religiously to stay on task the next 21 days.

That's it for me this week!
I hope you all have had a safe and happy 4th of July. 
I'll be back tomorrow and Wednesday with two more author spotlights from Something Blue!

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I hope you enjoy this taste of 'home'. Wouldn't this make a great setting for a Hallmark story?


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Tuesday, June 28, 2022




Good morning, everyone!

I know things have been a bit slow here but they'll pick up, I promise. Bob leaves next Tuesday so I can get back to a regular schedule. 

Today, I'm introducing you to Makenna lee and her story in the SOMETHING BLUE anthology. 

Makenna Lee is an award-winning romance author living in the Texas Hill Country with her real-life hero and their two children. Her oldest son has Down syndrome and taught her to appreciate the little things. He inspired her first Harlequin book A SHERIFF'S STAR. Her writing journey began when she mentioned all her story ideas and her husband asked why she wasn’t writing them down. The next day she bought a laptop, started her first book, and knew she’d found her passion. Makenna is often drinking coffee while writing, reading, or plotting a new story. She enjoys renaissance festivals, nature photography, studying herbal medicine, and usually listens to Celtic music while writing. Her wish is to write books that touch your heart, making you feel, think, and dream.

Here is her story from SOMETHING BLUE:


When an injured dancer moves home to take over her grandmother’s wedding venue on the family’s estate, she discovers the Nashville musician who broke her heart has inherited the caretaker’s cottage, and his four-year-old son with Down syndrome is counting on him to be both dad and mom. A lost and found ring, a special child and wedding planning chaos just might lead to a new beginning.

Most of my readers know by now that if a story includes kids or pets, you have me from the beginning. But there is something about a special needs child that tugs at my heart strings. They are just like every other child but often portrayed as anything other than 'normal'. No one is 'normal' in my book. Everyone is special in their own right.  

Another aspect of this story pulled me in. I also promote classic country, blue grass, Texas, red-dirt music as part of my weekly schedule (though that's been lacking in the past few months). I'm not a fan of the 'new' country or what Nashville is doing to their historic musical past. If I ever wanted to write a controversial article or book, I'd write about how this generation wants to tear down the past that brought them to this point. 

You will find more about Makenna Lee by following any of the links below:



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Monday, June 27, 2022



Good morning, everyone!

Thank you to all the Something Blue authors who let me skip them a bit while I shared the very special Gregg McBride with you.  As I type this, I'm watching his Hallmark movie - A Heavenly Christmas. Have you seen it? 

This week, I'm shining the spotlight on Nicole Flockton and Makenna Lee. 

Today, I'm introducing you to Nicole Flockton.

USA Today Bestselling author Nicole Flockton writes sexy contemporary romance that sparkles and seduces you one kiss at a time. Nicole likes nothing better than taking characters and creating unique situations where they fight for their true love.

On her first school report her teacher noted “Nicole likes to tell her own stories”. It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child and after having fun on a romance community forum that she finally decided to take the plunge and write a book. She is a hybrid author and has published over forty books since 2012.

When she’s not busy writing she’s looking after her very own hero – her wonderfully supportive husband, as well as her two fabulous kids and various fur babies. Her kindle is never far from her reach. She’s a certified chocoholic, Cinderella lover, major BTS fan, sports lover and a glitter aficionado.

Her contribution to the Something Blue anthology -

THE WEDDING RIVALS – Nicole Flockton

When high school rivals find themselves as maid of honor and best man at their best friends’ wedding, it’s game on as to who has the best pre-wedding events planned. Old rivalries are renewed along with the spark of romance that has always simmered below the surface.

I love reunion stories. The Wedding Rivals rings all the bells for me!

You can catch up with Nicole by following any of the following links:



Tomorrow, we'll check in with Makenna Lee.

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 Good morning, everyone!

I warned you last week would be a busy week. I got back from the BTP Conference on Sunday, finished flying through the house touch-up before Bob's Mom and her husband arrived on Monday afternoon. They left Wednesday after breakfast. With their departure, I just wanted to breathe. I've promised Bob most of this week belongs to him since he'll be leaving a week from tomorrow. 

He isn't always home for 4th of July. I'm not sure what we'll do since he'll be home but I would be happy sitting on the sofa watching Macy's and Capitol 4th. 

I hope to get the Something Blue authors back tomorrow and Wednesday but at this moment I can't promise.

For one, Tabby finished her antibiotics this morning. With the Feline Leukemia rearing it's ugly head more and more every day, she wants to snuggle with me more and more. I'm a strong believer in that the Earth Mother brings me these animals to make their journey to the Rainbow Bridge a one full of love. 

That said, here is my week:

* Blog what I'm able to fit in
* Finish HB90 course and set up Kanban Board
* Mixed Media art class (Tuesday night)
* Find work table so I can participate in said class

That's it for me this week. What's your adventure?

All my best

Friday, June 17, 2022


 Good morning, everyone!

We are winding up a very special week here with a peek inside the writer's nest of writer/ producer, Gregg McBride.

Thank you for joining us today, Gregg.

Describe your writing nest? 

A little messy. A little magical. A lot in flux. There are always various piles on my desk – depending on what’s going on that day (or week). I use a desktop computer and a laptop, so I can write where my whims (and/or inspiration) takes me. Sometimes I love to have a nearby candle lit. There’s usually silence (or very soft ambient music in the background). And there’s always one of my furry children nearby, supervising. I have posters of past work on the wall. And journals full of new ideas on the shelves. It’s a space that inspires creativity. And I feel very lucky to have it.

What is it about this space that inspires you? From nothing, comes something. Whether it’s an empty room or a blank page. Whatever I’m creating (new script, book, or article), it’s coming from inside of my head. So as long as I have a keyboard in front of me, I’m usually good to go. I spend a lot of time thinking and ruminating before the actual writing process begins. Although I’m always taking notes, 24/7 (usually on my phone – thank goodness for the Notes app… I just must remember to look at it sometimes).

Has finding your space been an evolving journey? How so? Always. I don’t really get writer’s block. But I do get writer’s procrastination all the time. I’d rather be editing a finished draft than facing blank pages. There are some toys in my nest, as well as lots of stationery supplies and cards. I’m a card and stationery addict. I love having ribbons and wrapping paper around, too. Anything to inspire whimsy. Even if I happen to be working on a horror script. So I try and keep an influx of new inspirations (no matter how large or small) coming into my writer’s nest at all times.

Anything you would change? I always have ideas about changing my workspace. Or spaces. Just as I would like to think my writing talents evolve, so would the space I choose to do it in. Mood has a lot to do with it. There are times I love to be writing at a coffee shop or public place. Other times I need to be secluded in a room to myself with total silence (except for the furry kids, who make it clear they can and will invade my space anytime they please).

Gregg and Latte

What advice would you give to someone looking to build their own nest? Start with a pad of paper. An email to yourself on your phone. A laptop. A leaf and a magic marker. Whatever you’re going to make the first word of your project. Start there. That’s your space. You’re the space. What you write is going to change the world. No matter on what size the scale is, you’re going to make your mark. So, I’d worry less about the space and more about what you want to say. The space will take shape around you. Whether it’s a back porch, a dark hallway, an immaculate home office – wherever. What you write matters most.

How did you break into Hallmark and what advice would you give to someone trying? I had dreams of writing a Hallmark movie for a long time. Although I had a few encounters with executives at the channel over the years, it wasn’t until I had a general meeting scheduled that got postponed repeatedly that my dream started to come true. When the meeting finally happened, I pitched a one sentence idea about someone who doesn’t like Christmas having to be a Christmas angel. Little did I know that the channel’s planned Hallmark Hall of Fame movie for that year had dropped out the day before my meeting. They needed something. And my idea was it. Suddenly I wasn’t writing just any Hallmark movie, but a highly regarded Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie, which ended up starring Shirley MacLaine, Eric McCormack, and Kristin Davis. Timing is everything. But so is being prepared.

These days, selling a pitch (an idea for a movie, even if well-crafted and planned out) is nearly impossible. Never say never, of course. But if you want to write a Hallmark movie, then you’re better off writing an actual script. But when you do so, make sure you’ve studied other Hallmark movies (recent ones) and read current Hallmark scripts. Things are changing at lightning speed in this industry. The movies that Hallmark was making a few years ago aren’t the movies Hallmark is making today. This is true for other networks that make Christmas and romantic fare as well. You’ve got to stay up to date. And you’ve got to write your little heart out. That way, when that magic moment happens, you’ll be 100% prepared.

Thanks so much for sharing sage advice. I look forward to seeing more projects from you. 

You'll find Gregg by clicking on any of the links below: