Monday, January 25, 2010

Story behind the story

Driving to work, or anywhere, can be a dangerous task for a writer. It gives us time to think.
As writers we are often asked where we get our ideas. I can only speak from personal experience. Ideas come to me from everywhere. Every day is like walking in a downpour. I've gotten ideas from obituaries, news headlines and some buried deep within the pages of the paper. News programs, song lyrics and people watching add to the deluge. And then there are times when the mind just wanders where it will, looking for answers to 'What if?'.

The 'What if?' is how Death By Design came about. A quiet drive to work one day sent my mind wondering about a couple of women I knew. I can't claim knowledge of their sexual preferences but those two words popped into my head and wouldn't let go. What if they were lovers? What if one of them was involved with a guy as well as the woman? And what if he found out about her other partner when she becomes the victim of serial killer. Lots of things buzzed through my mind, taking twists and turns I hadn't ever thought I'd be traveling.

Death By Design has been a journey for me, and not always a pleasant one. I've researched fields I thought never to delve into as a 'contemporary' romance author. At times, the depth of the characters made me almost ill. So many emotions tug at the heroine as she struggles to find what she is searching for... her soulmate.

Over the next few weeks I'll introduce you to the characters as I work to complete their story.

From my heart to yours


  1. Great blog posts. I read and enjoyed all of them. Good luck with your novel. May we all have at least novel out to agents in 2010!

    P.S. I often get ideas in the shower for some reason.

  2. Thanks, Beth. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I hope you'll keep checking back as I introduce the characters and talk about serial killers. I'm hoping to be here every Tuesday.