Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Back in a Big Way!

Good morning everyone!
It has been awhile since I've been here. I just felt the need to focus all of my attention on my granddaughter the last few days she would be living with me. She is now with her mom in Nashville. It's not that far away and I'll be seeing her in a few weeks, but man is the house QUIET!

It's been a good thing though. I've been back to writing solidly for over a week. I'm enjoying being back in touch with characters. For now I've been focusing on writing the recipe for an awesome burger recipe I developed for the Sutter Home Wine Build A Better Burger competition. Cross your fingers the preliminary judges think a Baja Burrito Burger with Sweet Red Wine and Chipotle Butter is worth being one of the 10 entries chosen. I'll know by August 21st (4 days before my anniversary) if I'm spending my 49th birthday (September 26th) in California... at the expense of Sutter Home Wine. Now wouldn't that be a nice way to spend a weekend!

I've also been working on contest entries for the conference. There are 21 different categories. I may choose to enter any number of the categories. The entries are due to be postmarked by August 25th. You still have time to jump in and participate with this great, intimate, multi-genre conference. I've been attending for 15 years. It's my mini business/vacation every October. I'd love to see more of you join us.

One of the entries has been polishing the first two chapters of my first Western Historical for the Oxbow Award sponsored by multi-award winning western author, Dusty Richards. Dusty just released his 100th book! Check out his site at... Author friend, Mike Blakely... encouraged me to write a western romance several years ago. Well, Mike, I'm finally giving it a shot. Thank you for the push.

Amongst all of this, I find out I have a shot of getting the first installment of my medical romance series in front of Harl. Mills and Boon Medical Romance Editor, Sheila Hodgson.... NEXT WEEK!

Nothing like jumping into the rapids after a long dry spell, is there?

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