Friday, October 29, 2010

The Insanity is about to begin!

Yep, Every November 1st, thousands of people have pledged to write the great american novel. How? By joining NanoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month -

For 30 days, people of like minds (or out of their minds) will attempt to write 50,000 words over the course of the month. That comes out to 1,667 words per day and does NOT allow for Thanksgiving off. Writers write every day - right? Well... we're suppose to. Life (and lately in my case, illness) gets in the way. But November is suppose to be a No Excuse month.

Okay.. we'll see. I've charted my course, sent goody packets out to 5 of the many friends who join me on my thread - TheCauldronCafe - (you'll find us on the Forums page under Writers Groups and Clubs.) I've added my word count widget to the right side of the page so you can cheer me on. If you think I need a good swift kick - feel free to post a comment for that too.

I will have my granddaughter for 1 full week of Nano but by then I should be at least half way through the 50k and will be able to write a couple hours every night after she goes to bed. I can write six to eight pages in two hours, right? Sure!

Here's to what I hope will be my first SUCCESSFUL NanoWriMo!


  1. Okay baby's Nov 2nd and I don't see any word count over there....What's up>

  2. I couldn't get into Nano to update. LOL Even with the WiFi yesterday, their system was clogged. Of the 1667 words I was to write for Nov. 1, I wrote 1,729 +62. Writing most of today. :-P