Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Lucky Find

One of the things I hate to do... but is a necessity... is going to walmart. There are some things I can get there I can't find anywhere else. And believe it or not, it's my only 'new' book store option in a 100 mile radius. I know, sad.

So imagine my surprise last night while shopping for the new Tori Carrington release I find a lonely copy of Welcome to Harmony! I'd not picked up Jodi's first book, missing it when it came out. I was very happy to find a copy last night. Now to fit reading time in amongst the Nano stuff. hehe


  1. Angela,
    After seeing the lovely video trailer, I hope I can find Jodi's books here.
    Thanks for inviting her as guest blogger and for inviting us to visit your site. I just found the message a few minutes ago.
    Thanks to You Angela and Thanks Jodi.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Janet! Great to see you.

    Remember if you can't find the book close to home, try the book stores in Springfield when you go to writers meetings the next couple weeks. Happy Writing!