Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Choosing A Pseudonym

Deciding what name to publish under is something a writer takes very seriously. There are two things to keep in mind. 1)Where alphabetically it will sit on the store shelf 2)Something that will stick with the reader.

For me, the first name was easy. I’ve always wanted to use some form of Angelica, but it sounded too prissy for my tastes. Anyone who knows me understands ‘prissy’ isn’t even on the list of characteristics to describe me. So I shortened it to Angela.

For the last name, I turned to one of my favorite writer resources – The Character Naming Sourcebook - Writers Digest Books . I needed something that paired well with ‘Angela’. Drake means Dragon in English. My husband (never mind he is of German heritage) collects dragon figurines and is my MSP – Most Supportive Person. Drake seemed a perfect fit.

But wait. Is another author already using the name? I pulled up GOOGLE to find out. At the time, the only Angela Drake I could find was the victim of a cold case murder. No author’s in sight.

And so I began building my platform as Angela Drake.

Oh oh.. this past week it was brought to my attention there IS another author out there. As it turns out, there is a U.K. romance author. She has titles from 1997-2007 listed on Amazon.com through a publisher called severnhouse. A cruise through their site didn’t bring her up as one of their authors. I did find an article about her posted on a blog back in May of 2009 - historicalromanceuk. Nowhere did I find a personal blog or website for the U.K. Angela Drake.

So my decision is to continue building my platform as Angela Drake. There isn’t a US Angela Drake and for whatever reason, Angela Drake UK isn’t an active author. Is there room for two of us? I'm not sure. I understand she came to this party first and I’m willing to make a subtle change if it becomes an issue.

Until then, I thank you for following this Angela Drake :-)


  1. Very interesting post! Great name too. :-)

  2. I've often thought about using a different name for different types of writing. My mom told me that when I get a major book deal, I'll need to use my maiden name, so her friends will know it's me!!!