Monday, July 16, 2012

A Busy Week Ahead

Wow! Where does the time go?
Even though I've not been here, I've been trying to write while keeping up with my granddaughter. I honestly do not know how you published mom's do it! Seriously. My plans to write for 2 hours in the evening after she went to bed fell apart as I fell into bed. All I wanted was 30 minutes to unwind so I could go to sleep. She went back home on July 5th and I've been full steam ahead trying to catch up. I think I'm getting there.

This week I have several things to keep me busy. My blog posts ran well on last week (except for a couple) and this week is looking promising. Hey, it's still Monday!
Even though the list has been posted on the OCW website since April, I finally took a look at the contest entry opportunities yesterday. I didn't want my head working on potential story scenarios while I was trying to finish up other projects. I've chosen eleven possible categories to enter. Today, some of the seeds of ideas began sprouting.

Goal for this week: Rough draft 3 of the 11.

#1 - Write a 500 word piece of 'saleable' fiction. Easy enough. But the catch - Do NOT use any words containing the letter 'E'.  I tried this category last year. I wrote an 'Avatar' kind of story. It didn't place. This year, I think I'm going to play with a paranormal.

#2 - 1500 word Travel article. Write as if you were sending it to a reputable travel magazine. I admire the contest sponsor. As much as I love Texas, I think I'll stay out of his home state :-)

#3 - 2000  nostalgic short story about family life.

Friday, we'll check in on my progress.

Tomorrow would normally be Guest Blogger Tuesday. I've not had the opportunity to line anyone up so I'm taking tomorrow to kick-start these writing projects. I'll be back Wednesday to give you my perspective on the recent ORA Con and tell you about an AWESOME FREE writing course I'm taking. I hope you'll join me.

Happy Writing!

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