Monday, June 24, 2013

ON TO THE NEXT ROUND! - Somewhere Down the Line moves forward


My novella, Somewhere Down the Line has moved into the next round. Thank you all for voting many times for this story. Just as Alana and Trey deserved their chance, so does their story.

Now that the book is in Round Two at Boroughs Publishing What's In A Name contest, I'm back asking for your votes. Yeah, it's that 'American Idol' or 'TheVoice' thing. Without your continued support, Somewhere Down the Line may not see the digital recognition their story deserves.

Please go to... 
For Round Two, they have posted the first page of the novella. You can vote Once Per Day through July 7th.

Let's work together!
Love and Hugs

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  1. Just voted! :-) Hope to see you online and sprinting soon. :-)

    Angela <><