Monday, June 18, 2018

MONDAY MUSINGS - Writing Spaces

Making time to write is a challenge for most of us. Those of us with alternate lives, not solely focused on writing. That said, I know that to be a writer, we do need the ability to focus on putting words on paper. One way to accomplish that task is to have a routine, one that includes carving out a space for ourselves so that when we sit down to write in that one space... wherever it is... puts our brain into motion that the time to write is NOW. 

I am blessed to have a room all to myself where I can sit and write. I have a desk and all the tools at my finger tips yet I seem to constantly be testing other waters, places other than at my desk. Well, last week I may have discovered the problem.

I use the same space for all of my other work as I do for writing. My space isn't dedicated to focusing on my writing project. When I sit down at my desk, I have clutter from those other projects all around me. 

That is about to change. I'm going to 'work' anywhere else that calls me. Whether I'm at the work table stamping and writing creative blog posts or in the recliner writing music articles each of those areas serve a writing purpose. So should the place where I turn my characters loose and transcribe their stories. 

I've taken some before pictures of my space. I'm hoping to have my post next week showing the revamp of my space. I'm also using My Writing Space as a launchpad to introduce you to other author's spaces. I'm lining up writing space posts to run one or two Monday's a month. We'll see how fast spaces fill up.

So, here's what I'd like you to do.  Follow my blog as well as my twitter account... @AngelaDrakeA
I'll soon have a Instagram account strictly for my writing.  Tomorrow, I'll tell you more about why I'm making this adjustment to my writing life, and what's in the plan for you.  Until then...

Happy Reading!

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