Monday, September 3, 2018

MONDAY MUSINGS - The End is in Sight!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!
I hope you had a safe and blessed holiday weekend. Today 's the last day to kick up your heels. Please remember EVERYONE that makes your day a little better because of their job.

I am almost there!

Every chapter of An Ozarks Christmas has been polished to the best of my ability. I was amazed after doing revisions the second time, how many little things I found this past week in a 'final' read-through. Will be interesting to see what my beta readers catch.

I found the missing 13th Chapter and discovered that with the changes I've made, I'll need to do some alterations and fleshing out. So that's what I spent all of yesterday working on. Hopefully, by the time you read this I will be a day away from sending to betas.

I took some time on Saturday to go shopping for Scrapbook paper. I've found the cutest little booklets that I can make to hold my giveaway as well as provide the book info and my social media links. While I don't need them just yet, the book has to come first, I did want to take advantage of the 50% off The Paper Studio paper line at Hobby Lobby. They have some great papers and I'm going to need A LOT just to have gifts for my beta readers as well as the conference in October. Some are a Christmas themed while others are just a drool-worthy vintage background. I will show you those as we get closer to release.

Tomorrow I'm ordering book marks as well as the components for those giveaways. Later this week, I'll get my new business cards printed and continue the process of getting the workbook pages configured for my talk about Choosing Your Top 3 Social Media Platforms. I need to start promoting that so that maybe we'll get some last minute signups for the conference. We always have room for more!

Happy Reading!

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