Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And the Balloon Pops

You know what happens when you get pins and needles too close to balloons? They have a way of popping. I've been riding around in this balloon of anticipation for eight days. There was no question I'd hear from Mills and Boon. The questions were WHEN and WOULD they want more of Winter's Peace.

Well the wait is over. I received an email kindly rejecting the story. Their comments about my writing were favorable. In fact, they liked the way I write. Their only problem was how I brought Tom and Winter together.

Is that something I can fix? I don't know. One thing I have learned over the years is not to jump right into everything an editor says. Rejection or Acceptance... either way means you let the letter or phone call sit for a bit. Give the editor's comments time to gel. Sometimes we don't always SEE or HEAR what they are really saying. So for the time being, I've forwarded the letter over to my critique partner. Kitty will see things differently than I do. From there I'll decide my next course of action.

In the mean time, will I give up on Winter and Tom? Not hardly. I know it's a good story. I also know from past experience that if an editor sees something, it's worth taking a second look at... after it's had time to breathe.

And right now that sounds like good advice. I'm just going to take a step back and...


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