Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year - New Goals... sort of

You know that saying... 'the best laid plans...' well, mine got waylaid right off the bat. With everything in place to start my week off on the right foot, I started new years eve off with a head cold. I've spent the last 2 days medicated and sleeping in hopes of knocking it out fast. Today is better. I might actually stay up all day. I need to step right into those GOALS I want to talk about.

With the new day planner all set, I know what needs to be done on specific days... items aside from the DAILY writing on my current WIP.

My Writing GOALS:
1. Write every day on the current WIP
2. Push the Freelance writing - focusing on Texas music and paper arts
3. Work actively on at least 1 non-fiction book.
4. Keep the blogs updated and Twitter more.

My Personal GOALS:
1. Make time for my art. It's not frivolous if it's important to me.
2. Spend more time outside enjoying my 25 acres
3. Spend time on the Wii Fit every day (as soon as I'm over this cold)
4. Make and Keep Artist Dates
5. Read all the books on my read/pass on bookcase so I can get my keepers out of storage!

Those should keep me out of trouble for the year.
What are your GOALS?


  1. I love your 1st personal goal. I had a wii fit, but never used it, so I gave it to my kids. I prefer the gym, although I did order a Zumba DVD.

    There's no way I can read all the books I've collected, especially since I'll be collecting more. But I'll try to put a dent it the list on my Kindle.

    1. Yes.. the Kindle. Some days wish my writing friends weren't so prolific! I didn't even count them LOL I have Jillian Michaels for the Wii. When I get into it, then I'm getting Zumba for the Wii. You looked great at meeting Saturday!