Thursday, January 24, 2013


... with a slow start.

I had that one week between Christmas and New Years to breathe. Afterwards it has seemed like I just can't catch up. But I'm gaining ground.

The first thing that caught me was JANO 2013. Now I KNOW JANO comes around every January first. And I also knew I would be the chairperson this year. So why did I still feel as if I were not prepared? I should have been. I knew what my JANO project would be and was (still am) excited about it's prospects. I was also able to get all the necessary book work in order for tracking the JANO participants. But the other things I wanted to also kick off the first part of the month seem to be dragging behind like the tin cans on the bride and groom car. I know they are there... I can hear them banging for my attention. But I'm trying to move forward while they continue to follow me.

Every day brings me closer to eliminating one of the cans. Like updating this blog. I had intended to talk all month about my JANO progress. I wanted to share the 'Rapunzel meets Fifty Shades of Grey' concept and how I was enjoying my first foray into a true erotic novel as an author. Instead, I've spent the time actually writing the novel. There's a concept. Although I'm not making the progress with this one I did in Nano, I am still finding the footings that I hope will be the basis for a great four-book series.

One of the things I am doing new this year is not just talking about my goals in a standard post but I am making them a permanent part of my sidebar. As I accomplish the items, I'll make notations. Together we can track my progress.

For now, I'm late to a writing sprint.
Happy Writing!

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