Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I was just over visiting a new blog I love. The author is Jennifer Greenleaf. Jennifer is a sweet gal and we share a lot of the same interests though we are miles apart on the map.

Today Jennifer talked about how even with a 2013 business plan in place, her January is not off to a good start. She is one of those people who've been plagued by a virus since late December. I know how much those things can bog you down. As she says, you have to keep reminding yourself it's beyond your control and keep moving forward. Her post inspired mine.

I was telling Bob a couple of days ago that I figured out why I just can not seem to get a foothold on my January. He is always gone the first three weeks of January - usually leaving right after New Years Day. This year, he was HOME the first three weeks.

Now understand, Bob does not do anything to prevent me from following my dream. He is the absolute most supportive man I could have ever asked for. He has always made sure I have what I need to keep plugging away at my career. The challenge is, because he is gone three weeks at a time, I value the time I have with him and want to spend my time with him. Yeah, imagine that. I actually want to spend time with the man I married. LOL

JANO helped me focus on at least getting my nighttime writing in. Now, with him gone for three weeks I'll be laying the foundation for the rest of my year. My editor at Polymer Cafe has already told me she will take all I want to submit and I've had a couple other good leads.

Saturday, we have the Wrap-Up party for JANO 2013. My art blog hop will be over with as of Sunday night (If you're a paper crafter, you'll want to check that blog hop out beginning Saturday to win some cool stuff!- KellysCreativeDreams )

If you made GOALS for 2013, NOW is the time to evaluate your progress.There is still plenty of time to make adjustments so you stay on track!

Happy Writing!

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