Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Tuesdays are for Spotlighting Authors. Since I drug my feet into 2013, I've been behind in getting them scheduled. But that is changing fast. I thought for a post today, I'd give you a heads up as to who you'll be meeting in the coming weeks:

Tara Manderino
JD Faver
Kate Dawes
Annette Beecher

Vikki Lewis Thompson has promised to stop by again. We've just not set her date yet.

I'm hoping in the coming days to set up a new spot on the sidebar where you will be able to see the Coming Soon to the Spotlight.

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  1. Well Ms Drake!!! How cool is this. I love it. Your goals are awesome, making them just keeps the nerves up. *smile* Hope all is good. You keeping up with your other blogs too? Man, I can't do one. Miss ya. Hugs, C