Monday, March 11, 2013

WEEKLY PLAN - March 11


I've had a really long weekend. I crammed right up until late Thursday night trying to make sure most of the work was done before we headed to Nashville to see our daughter, her SO and our two granddaughters. We had not seen them since Adrian's 5th birthday back in November. That's a really long time to be away from my girls.

While I was gone, I tried to let my brain rest but between my love for music, being in Nashville and having so many people to watch at Opry Mills Mall, it was really hard. To top it off, I got a really good visual on a guy perfect for Daniel. I knew what he looked like in my mind, but to actually see him in the flesh... well, my heart went pitter patter. Did it help the guy kept flirting with me? While my husband was right there? Oh baby, bring it on!

Okay, back to boonies reality. I've spent today setting up blog posts on two blogs for tomorrow... including this one when we will be joined by Texas author J.D. Faver. J.D. is a dear friend who is incredibly talented. She's going to talk about writing a series. Oh... and she has a SURPRISE for everyone who drops by. How cool is that?

So pop in tomorrow to say hey to J.D. and see what she has in store for us.

In the mean time, I'm not doing anything for the next 15 hours but enjoying time with hubby. He heads back out tomorrow for three weeks. Then my fun really begins!

Happy Reading

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