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LAURIE ROMA - Cross Point

Next on our list of guests from the Sunset Point Blog Hop is Laurie Roma. Over the next two weeks we'll have the opportunity to visit with all five of these talented ladies from Siren publishing. Their new Sunset Point series is enough to make any woman want to pack her bags for a memorable getaway.

Remember to look for the CODE word. You'll need it when you register for your chance to win the complete 5-book Sunset Point series.

AND to encourage each of you to come back and meet all five of the authors, I'm giving away a Care Package you'll want to pack on your next romantic getaway!
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LAURIE ROMA - Cross Point
Welcome to The Writer’s Studio, Laurie. I’m looking forward to having each of you ladies from the Sunset Point series. Because I want to focus on your new release, Cross Point out today, and the AWESOME giveaway, I’m going to give you what I call my Fast Five. Are you ready?

1)  Love that Trinity may have to choose between two very different men – both with one goal on their mind. If you were Trinity and HAD to choose only one, would you choose Jackson or Maxwell?
LOL Nope. If I was Trinity, I wouldn’t choose between Jackson and Maxwell. Trinity
is bold, brash and beautiful, and doesn’t take orders well at all. If you tried to make her choose, it might get you shot…or at least smacked around a little. *wink wink*

The truth is that Trinity needs more than one man to keep up with her. Maxwell King’s quiet strength and extreme confidence makes him a good balance for the adventurous side of Trinity.  His love helps to heal a part of her that needs a steady foundation. And then there is Jackson Stone. He is Trinity’s match in every way. They are both wounded souls, looking for the love and acceptance they have been denied for most of their lives. When the three of them come together it is a perfect balance. Each of them gives something to the relationship that makes them a strong, cohesive unit. Plus, both men are wicked HOT!

2)  Most difficult thing for you about writing ménage?
Balance! For me, balance is the key to making a good ménage relationship work. It’s difficult enough having two people come together, both bringing their own baggage, but adding more people into the mix is just asking for trouble. Any successful ménage relationship needs to be based on trust, and knowing that each person is valued in the group. Hence, the balance, but sometimes that’s a bitch to get down on paper…

3)  Fruit: Strawberries or Melon
Strawberries…preferably in a flute with champagne poured over it or dipped in chocolate ;)

4)  Love at first sight? Or Lust at first sight?
Lust. I believe love happens over time. You can’t have love without respect and trust, and those need to be earned.

5)  Best writing advice you have received?
Don’t give up. Seriously, don’t ever stop writing. If you have a passion for it, follow your dreams and keep working at it. Success may not happen overnight, but it will never happen if you just sit on your ass and don’t
even try.


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

Former IAD agent Katrina “Trinity” Cross is in desperate need of a vacation. When a friend asks for a personal favor, Trinity agrees to fly to the island of Sunset Point, only to find that things in paradise aren’t what they seem…

Jackson Stone is a man who likes regulation and order, but when Katrina Cross arrives on his island, life as he knows it'll never be the same.

Falling behind schedule is not allowed in Maxwell King’s orderly world. Missing money, cheap materials, and a dead foreman top of the list of his problems, but nothing shakes him more than the sexy siren that sets his body on fire…

As the investigation heats up, Maxwell and Jackson both fall for Trinity, but she can’t choose between the uptight corporate mogul and the rough and ready police lieutenant. Can she find a way to keep them both, or will their love become a casualty at the Cross Point?

   Around six-three and built like a golden god, the man was wickedly good looking. Built like a prized fighter, he was packing some serious muscle and had a fierce aura about him that all but screamed cop! He had an almost shaved head that only showed a hint of dark hair that matched the five o’clock shadow covering his chiseled jaw. Intense green eyes seared into hers as the man pulled his own weapon, approaching her slowly.
   “SPPD, put your weapon down.”
   Damn, she was good. She’d called it right. Trinity cocked her head to the side, intrigued by the easy command in his deep voice. Never one to pass up an opportunity to poke at authority, she couldn’t help it. “Badge me.”
   He froze. “What?”
   Trinity grinned. “Badge me, baby, ‘cause I ain’t putting this down ‘til I see your brass.”


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About Laurie Roma:
Laurie Roma lives in Chicago and is the author of the IAD Agency and Arcadian series. She has always loved immersing herself in a good book and now enjoys the pleasure of creating her own. She can usually be found tapping away on her keyboard, creating worlds for her characters while she listens to music. Of course her playlist depends on her mood…but then again, so does her writing.

An avid reader of the romance genre, nothing bothers her more than annoying characters. Seriously, who wants a happy ending for someone that pisses you off? She loves tough alpha-male heroes and strong heroines that have brains as well as beauty. Her novels are filled with both passionate romance and down and dirty lust-driven interludes, as she believes both are essential to a good love story. She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at

Siren Author Page:
Twitter:  @laurieromabooks
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