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I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on today's guest - Selena Blake. Selena and I have been buddies on YIM for about seven years. Talk about a power writer! This woman can dump more words in a ten minute sprint than most of us can do in a 30 or 45 min. time frame. She is an amazing talent with multiple appearances on Best Seller lists to prove it. You can find out more about Selena by checking out her WEBSITE.

In the mean time, let's find out a bit about her newest release - 1 day old!

1 – The new website looks fabulous! What prompted the redo and what were key points you kept in mind through the redesign process?
Thanks so much for the website kudos and for having me over. The website redo was inspired by a shift in my writing. I wanted something that encompasses everything I'm writing these days (paranormal AND contemporary.) So it's got a somewhat contemporary, feminine feel but I kept the wolf and a bit of the moodiness of my paranormals. The other major component was escape. My books are an escape from everyday life. That's what I want to remind readers of each time they visit. One other area I focused on was having really organized, completely detailed book pages.

2 – Go For It releases today! This is the second book in the series. Does the sexuality amp up with each new title? What makes them similar yet different?
Woo hoo. Happy book birthday, Go for It! The sensuality of each book is completely unique. Of the Girls' Night Trilogy, Go For It is the sweetest. I write what's true to the story and characters and this story has amazeballs sexual tension, but for various reasons there aren't as many sexy times as in Ask For It. And Beg For It is just smokin hot. That one will come with a warning label.

3 – Are you still using a promotions assistant? If so, what were some of the things you felt you could hand over to someone else and what did you feel you needed to retain control of?
 I'm not using an assistant right now. I took several months off earlier in the year and without having a release out, it didn't make sense to me to keep an assistant.

4 – Your titles have appeared on some very impressive Best Seller lists. What do you feel is the key to hitting those high marks?
 I think the key to hitting the lists is building an audience over time, engaging with that audience in a genuine way, writing great books, writing in a popular genre, being prolific, and then promote, promote, promote. Easy peasy. ;)

5 – If you could write your next series, from beginning to end, at any locale where would you go?

Oh, good question! I'd have to say Jackson Hole. Incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I'm a sucker for an amazing view.

This one is for anyone who’s ever quietly loved another. For anyone who needs to be reminded of their innate self worth. Go For It reminds us to tell our loved ones we love them as frequently as we can because you never know what tomorrow will bring. This is the novel that make you believe in happily ever after, again.

Gretchen Mascoe has had a ‘thing’ for Greg Fairchild for years but the timing has never been right. So she's sat on the sidelines watching him date woman after woman. But the time has finally come for her to tell him how she feels or move on. But how do you move on when you know in your bones he's the one?

When a freak accident leaves Greg dependent on Gretchen's generosity and nursing skills he sees a whole new side to his sister's usually quiet and laced up friend. She's funny and even a little sassy. She bakes incredible cookies and she mends his wounds while healing his soul. He's falling hard but guilt is eating him alive. Can he get his foot out of his mouth long enough to win the girl?

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