Tuesday, February 16, 2016


This week I am featuring a dear friend, Lori Soard.  Lori and I go way back to my first days on the internet with AOL and writing workshops. I had been attending her weekly workshop for several months when she approached me about having my own workshop... and The Writer's Zone was born.

If I remember correctly, Lori's workshop met on Tuesday nights. Mine ran on Wednesdays. When AOL decided our services were no long needed, so to speak, all of us AOL leaders in the writing community went our separate ways. Lori and I teamed up again in Yahoo Groups with World_Romance_Readers and World_Romance_Writers. After several years, Lori passed those groups on to me so she could focus on family and other things at the time. I have since passed those groups onto other capable hands for the same reason.

When she first became published, I was one of her street team members. 

Through all of this, two things have been constant. 1) our connection  and 2) our individual writing endeavors. 

I was delighted to go to FB this morning (you know, that place I really try to avoid) to find Lori has released a new book. 

You can read the blurb HERE

Prime and Kindle Unlimited members can read this for FREE over the next 3 months. I clicked the BUY button before I realized that but regardless, I know that was money well-spent because Lori always provides a clean, heart-warming read and Cupid's Quest is sure to be a new favorite. 

As part of the release, Lori has been featured on Writing Between Sundays blog. Just click on the blog link to read the interview and leave a comment. 

If you would like to know more about Lori and her writing, please visit the following locations:

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