Wednesday, March 28, 2018


ACQELI is the latest Sci-Fi Romance from Rose Sartin, author of BOUND BY HONOR. Due to release this week, Acqeli is a novella - a collection of three short stories revolving around incidents in the BOUND trilogy. 

Through the collection, Rose Sartin gives us the 'behind the scenes' items that while delving deeper into the trilogy, are not necessary as main parts. ACQELI contains those crystal nuggets of information all authors have in their repertoire that do not always become part of the whole. 

THE BLACK CRYSTAL opens up the secret of the ACQELI and the power it possesses. Through this story we see the incredible mind of a sci-fi writer. I've known Rose Sartin for over twenty years and to read her work is just astounding. Not just the world, but the characters she has created. 

THE CRYSTAL MOON provides details about the ACQELI referenced throughout the book. While some of the details are shared within the trilogy, this short piece gives us a peek behind the historic curtain. Rose Sartin has the uncanny ability to offer up a love scene - bonding - full of all the beauty and sensitivity lovemaking should be. 

THE CURSE OF THE BLACK CRYSTAL introduces us to the main characters in BOUND BY HONOR. Rhyel, Captain of the Novaria, watches from his ship as the planet he calls home is destroyed. There's nothing he can do. Like all good soldiers, with the help of the Elders, he sets a plan in place to rebuild in another part of the galaxy. Rebuilding, means repopulating and quality health care. While they have a competent nurse - an earthling- a doctor is necessary. Another human is in their sights... Dr. Amber Donovan.

If you love a good Sci-Fi Romance you will not want to miss a single word of either the Bond Trilogy over the course of it's release or the eBook Acqeli releasing in the next few days. 

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