Wednesday, October 2, 2019


I have fond memories of carving jack-o-lanterns. Digging my hands into the gooey 'brains' of the squash and pulling everything out.. in hopes of grossing out my younger sister. 

My daughter used to carve pumpkins and until they  moved to Washington state, carving pumpkins with our granddaughters became a tradition. Was neat to see how they'd grown from year to year. Adrian dug into her first pumpkin at 23 months sitting next to the pumpkin in the middle of the dining room table. 

Her little sister, Abby, not so much. She hates goo and getting her hands nasty. lol  I miss that tradition. While they've moved closer this year, Bob will be back on the boat when carving time rolls around and I won't be making a trip south to see them.

But.. back to pumpkins.

Is your story set in the fall? Have you thought about having a pumpkin carving scene. Perhaps the hero has never carved a pumpkin and it's up to the heroine's young daughter to give instruction. After she's tucked into bed, the hero and heroine can have a little grown-up time... talking and eating fresh roasted pumpkin seeds.

Here's a Roasted Pumpkin Seed (aka Repitos) recipe from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond

Happy Munching!

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